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7 Interesting Facts About Arthur Leywin That Are Rarely Known!

7 Interesting Facts About Arthur Leywin That Are Rarely Known!

Those who follow the TBATE manhwa or light novel must be familiar with Arthur Leywin.

The main character of the hit manhwa The Beginning After The End who is a genius, popular, and loved by all women in the TBATE universe.

At first glance, we would think that Arthur is a smart kid who is friendly and not arrogant, but it turns out that there are many secrets that he hides behind his sweet smile and handsome face.

What secrets is Arthur hiding?

Let's check together!

7 Interesting Facts About Arthur Leywin That Are Rarely Known!

1. Reincarnation of a King

7 Interesting Facts About Arthur Leywin That Are Rarely Known!

This fact is probably well known to many loyal readers of The Beginning After The End manhwa.

Arthur Leywin is the reincarnation of a King from a different world, known as King Grey.

In his previous life, he was a King in a world that was far more modern than his current one.

He was chosen as King because he is the strongest fighter in the country.

In the world he lived in, wars between nations were decided by a power struggle between Kings, much like gladiator fights.

But after he was killed by an unknown person, he was reincarnated as Arthur Leywin, a genius child of Alice and Reynold Leywins.

By bringing knowledge from his previous life, Arthur succeeded in becoming the strongest character on Dicanthem.

2. Youngest Professor at Xyrus Academy

Arthur is the youngest professor at Xyrus Academy, he teaches a mana manipulation practice class where most of the students are top-level students.

Arthur is appointed as a teacher after defeating professor Geist, the previous teacher in a short duel that the professor initially created to humiliate the members of the disciplinary committee.

After defeating Feyrith and Kathlyn in the previous duel, the professor intended to teach Arthur a lesson and humiliate him in front of the class.

But he was defeated by Arthur instead.

Therefore, while looking for a successor, Director Goodsky appointed Arthur as a professor and provided a number of facilities that helped Arthur in developing his abilities.

3. The First Elemental Quadra Mage

7 Interesting Facts About Arthur Leywin That Are Rarely Known!

Until now, only Arthur Leywin was recorded as the only conjurer who was able to master the four elements at once, namely fire, wind, water and earth.

Because of this prowess, he deserves to be dubbed the most feared and admired talented young wizard in Dicanthen!

4. Youngest Lances

Apart from being part of the disciplinary committee, Arthur was also chosen as a member of the Lances representing the Eralith Kingdom after one of their Lances died on a mission.

At the age of only 17 years, he has managed to become part of the elite group Dicanthen.

Arthur was appointed directly by the king and queen of Eralith to replace Alea Triscan who died fighting the Ashuras.

Given the closeness between Princess Tessia and Arthur, it was no wonder Arthur was appointed by the leader of the elves as their representative in Dicanthen.

5. Virion Eralith's first and last disciple

7 Interesting Facts About Arthur Leywin That Are Rarely Known!

At the beginning of the story, Arthur managed to save the princess of the Elf kingdom from the hands of slave traders.

This not only makes Arthur favored by the Elf king and queen, but his rescue also makes Arthur glimpsed by Virion as the first and only disciple of the former leader of the Elenoir Kingdom.

Virion, who is also a silver core Augmenter, is known to be very stingy in sharing his knowledge and never accepts anyone to be his student, except for his granddaughter.

But when he saw Arthur and learned of his hidden talent, he immediately offered to become Arthur's mentor and trainer to control his beast will.

Arthur's charms are amazing, even a stubborn geezer like Virion wants to train him!

6. First Purple Core Augmenter

In Dicanthen, a mage is considered very strong when they reached silver core.

To reach a silver core, a mage needs to train hard and polish their skills to become one with mana.

So a mage with silver mana cores was extremely rare.

However, there are some mages that could break the silver core barrier and reach white core level/

To reach this White core level, special artifacts are needed that only the Lances have.

Judging from the very small number of Lances, it's no wonder mages who reach this level are extremely rare.

However, unlike the other side characters in the story, Arthur is the only Augmenter who is able to penetrate the white core and create a new level higher than the white core.

The level of Purple core that Arthur will have later is only owned by Arthur alone, so it's no wonder he was named the strongest Lances among the others.

7. Female Magnet

As the main protagonist, Arthur has a very strong appeal.

His grand aura not only attract enemies but it also attracted other female characters.

Characters like Princes Tessia, Princess Katlyn, Lilia, and almost all female characters that has an important role in the story are attracted to Arthur.

With his strong aura, Arthur could make a harem out of the characters in the story.

That's all the facts about Arthur Leywin.

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