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5 Interesting Facts about Tessia Eralith, The Elf Kingdom's Princess which Loved by Arthur!

5 Interesting Facts about Tessia Eralith, The Elf Kingdom's Princess which Loved by Arthur!

Tessia Eralith is the main heroine in The Beginning After The End series.

The sole heir of the Elenoir kingdom has its own charm that can make fans go crazy.

Actually, who is Tessia Eralith?

Let's get to know the only daughter of the Elf Kingdom who has captured Arthur's heart!

5 Interesting Facts About Tessia Eralith That Are Rarely Known!

5. Crown Princess of the Elenoir Kingdom

Tessia is the only daughter of Alduin Eralith and Merial Eralith, king and queen of the kingdom of Elenoir.

As the only daughter and the next heir to the throne, Tessia grew up as a lonely child.

Her status as a royal princess made her friendless.

His days in the palace are usually spent practicing and learning to become a leader later.

That's why, when Arthur came to the kingdom of Elenoir, Tessia was very happy because she got a playmate for the first time.

4. Arthur Leywin's Childhood Friend

Tessia Eralith

Tessia first met Arthur when Arthur saved her from a slave dealer.

At that time, Tessia who was only 5 years old had a big fight with her parents.

Tessia, who was known for her stubbornness, finally fled to the forest to calm down.

But unfortunately, at that time he even met a slave trader who was looking for prey in the forest.

Seeing an Elf child wandering alone, the slave traders immediately kidnapped the princess and intended to sell her in the city.

But unfortunately, they died at the hands of Arthur.

Arthur escorted Tessia back to the Elenoir kingdom and stayed there for 3 years to train with Elder Virion.

Tessia and Arthur became close since then and were inseparable, but after 3 years were over, Arthur left Tessia alone in the kingdom of Elenoir until the Princess was reunited with her prince at Xyrus Academy.

3. The First Elf Who Became The Student Council President in Xyrus AcademyTessia Eralith

As a future queen candidate, Tessia has managed to show her charm and authority as a leader since her time in the Academy.

Even though Tessia is only a first year student in Xyrus Academy, but she immediately chosen by Director Goodsky as the Student Council President.

Perhaps the Director felt confident that Tessia could lead the students well and thus put this responsibility to her.

Tessia's appointment made her successful as the first Elf student leader in the Academy as well as the youngest student leader in the Academy, because at that time, Tessia was only 12-13 years old.

That's great, Tessia!

2. Often Become a Victim of Kidnapping

Tessia Eralith

Maybe this one fact is very surprising huh...

Because even though Tessia was one of the strongest mages in the Academy and the fact that she was Elder Wood's Beast Tamer, it turned out that Tessia was often kidnapped.

And the one who would save this princess was definitely her prince, Arthur Leywin.

During her career in this series, Tessia has several times caused a stir in her nation and made Arthur panic when he heard the news of her kidnapping.

Tessia's first kidnapping occurred when she was 5 years old, and after that, even though she had become the student president, Tess was also kidnapped by Lucas which made Arthur furious.

And after being kidnapped by Lucas, Tess will also be kidnapped several times in the future.

Seriously, why do you really like being a kidnap victim =='

1. Have a Trust Issue

It's hard to imagine, a daughter as strong and powerful as Tessia turns out to have a fatal weakness for future leaders, namely a crisis of trust.

As the heir to the throne, Tessia grew up isolated from others, spending most of her time cooped up in the Palace and rarely socializing.

The only time he met his peers was at a palace party.

But because she was the future queen, many people were close to her just to take advantage of her position as heir to the throne.

Traumatized by these fake people, Tessia prefers to have no friends and never trusts anyone except her family.

This traumatic childhood experience that made him have trust issues, even when he was an adult.

Among all the people she was close to, perhaps Arthur was the only person Tessia truly trusted.

That's all the interesting facts about Tessia Eralith!

Do you guys know other facts about Tessia?

Share your thought in the comment section below!

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