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Kagemasa, the figure who is considered the future of Boruto


Kagemasa who is a fictional character from the world of Boruto

Boruto, this anime tells the story of the legendary ninja's son. In this series Naruto is not highlighted anymore because the main character has now shifted to his son named Boruto.

After Masashi Kishimoto took over the series again, the storyline that initially didn't go well is now starting to show results.

Presenting the typical story of Masashi Kishimoto, this story from Boruto can bring up a lot of theories.  Fans can always find many interesting theories from just one scene written by Masashi Kishimoto.

One of the interesting theories made by fans is the theory about one of the fictional characters in the world of Boruto, a ninja named Kagemasa.

It is said that there is a film with the title Evil Jammer Kagemasa which is currently showing in Konoha cinemas, this movie is a favorite movie of Boruto.

In the film, it is told that Kagemasa has the power of the evil eye, the eye is full of virtue which seems to encourage Kagemasa to protect many people with his power.

This is similar to the existence of Jougan which is owned by Boruto, according to Toneri Jougan is a hope to fight disasters that will come in the future, with the eye that Boruto will bear the fate of the world which will then lead him to a light that can dispel darkness.


Besides that, there is another interesting theory besides the power of this eye, which is about the death of Kagemasa.

In the film Kagemasa faked his death, he did this in order to keep protecting many people from behind the shadows without anyone knowing his whereabouts.

Kagemasa's goal is very similar to Boruto's goal of protecting the Hokage from the shadows.

Looking at the manga, now Boruto's condition is not good, he looks dead. But after seeing this theory of course you will think that death can be faked right?

Again, this is just a theory that can make a series more popular. As for the truth itself, it is still not directly certain.

So let's just see how the fate of Boruto is now, I'm sure Masashi Kishimoto has prepared an extraordinary storyline where you will find it difficult to guess.

Paman Radon
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