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Genshin Impact Guide, How to Unlock Upside Down Waypoint in The Chasm


Genshin Impact Guide

Unique Waypoints in the Depths of The Chasm

Waypoint, this feature is one of the important features in Genshin Impact, its existence really makes it easier for players to reach some place.

The locations of these waypoints are scattered throughout Tevyat and of course arranged in such a way that all locations can be easily visited.

This waypoint is a blue monument that players can use to teleport, every time a player opens a new waypoint, they will get a prize.

However, there is one waypoint that has an unusual shape, this blue monument is facing downwards or upside down.

This waypoint is located in The Chasm, and the location itself is quite difficult to find because it is in the ruins of an upside-down city.

Even though it's hard to find but if you really focus when playing the newest archon quest, you can realize the existence of this waypoint.

Please note, there are a few tricks that must be done so that this waypoint can be unlocked easily..

For those of you who don't know or are confused about how to unlock this waypoint, you can follow the tutorial below.

1. Go to the waypoint in Stony Halls

Stony Halls

You can't enter the upside-down city from below or fly off the nearest cliff. You can go through the road which is near this waypoint.

You just need to follow the path up until you find the entrance to the upside down city ruins.

The Chasm

2.  Explore the ruins of the upside down city

Upside down city

This upside-down city ruin is not extensive, but you can explore it for a while before activating the waypoint.

The location of this waypoint is in the middle of the ruins, when you are in these ruins always be alert because you can easily fall from here.

3. Climb the pillar beside the waypoint to unlock the waypoint

Upside down waypoint

After arriving at the upside down waypoint, you need to climb up the pillar next to it to be able to activate the waypoint/

You can also use Zhongli's pillar, but you need to place it in the right place to activate this waypoint. Therefore it will be easier if you directly use the pillars that are there.

Upside down waypoint
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