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Genshin Impact Guide, Hues of the Violet Garden Part 4, The Floral Courtyard


The Floral Courtyard

The Newest Gardening and Plant Arrangement Event at Genshin Impact

The Floral Courtyard, the last stage of the Hues of the Violet Garden event is very easy for you to complete.

Besides being easy to complete, you can get primogems and also some items that you can put in your Serenetia Pot..

To be able to play this event you can go to Ritou and talk to Fushizome, you can meet this woman on the stairs to the Kanjou Commission.


It is said that Fushizome was invited to the Irodori Festival to introduce the art of plant arrangement, she opened a booth at the festival and allowed visitors to try out plant arrangement.

After talking to Fushizome you can immediately start this plant arranging event, at the beginning you will be given a tutorial.

In this event, you are required to arrange plants according to the instructions given by Fushizome. You just have to follow the instructions and complete every available series.

In total there are eight things that you need to arrange in this event, besides the placement you also have to determine the right plants so that they fulfill the instructions that have been given.

The Floral Courtyard

If you forget the instructions you don't need to worry, you can see it again when you are arranging the plants.

If you are still confused with the instructions given, a hint will appear. The hint will appear if you take too long to complete the series.

The floral courtyard

So in this event you don't need to spend a lot of effort to finish it, because a hint will appear if you don't finish it quickly.

The time difference in completing the series also doesn't affect the rewards you get, so I suggest just waiting for the hint to appear.

How? this one event is very easy right? you don't need to think hard like completing the Theater Mechanicus event to be able to finish this event.

Although it's easy to complete, the prizes you get are also good, namely primogems and trinkets that you can use to decorate the Serenetia Pot.

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