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Jujutsu Kaisen 190: Top-level Shaman Battle


Kinji Hakari

The End of the Top-Level Shaman Battle is Near

In chapter 189 we are shown the level of Hakari's luck which is really beyond reason, as if he could control his luck, Hakari managed to get the jackpot again.

The condition of his crushed stomach immediately healed when he hit the jackpot, and now for 4 minutes 11 seconds he became impossible to kill.

In this long battle Hakari did not remain silent, in previous chapters we have shown that Hakari also tries to analyze Kashimo's electrical technique.

In his jackpot this time, he already knew the weakness of Kashimo's electrical technique, therefore he immediately changed the coordinates of the domain expansion so that when he released the domain, Kashimo and himself were in the sea area.

Seeing this, Kashimo realized that Hakari already knew his weakness. Inevitably Kashimo had to face Hakari without releasing the curse energy, because it would be fatal if he plunged into the sea while his curse energy was still active.

Hakari vs Kashimo

But facing Hakari in his invulnerable mode without using the cursed energy was very difficult, as a result Kashimo was forced to block Hakari's kick by activating his curse energy, but it was still not enough and he ended up falling into the sea.

As soon as he enters the sea water, his cursed energy which is like electricity is instantly dispersed without stopping, this will continue until Kashimo's curse energy runs out or until he deactivates his curse energy.

And this is where the ability of Kashimo is seen, as a shaman who is experienced in many battles, he takes advantage of his weakness to make a fatal counterattack.

He utilizes chlorine gas from the electrolysis reaction created by his electricity and seawater, the chlorine gas is proven to be effective in poisoning Hakari until he is unconscious and falls into the sea.

However, the poison was still not enough to completely incapacitate Hakari, without it taking long for Hakari to immediately neutralize the poison and beat Kashimo in the sea.

The battle between Hakari and Kashimo could be said to be on par with top-level shamans, or at least just below the special class or maybe on par with the special class? yes it was never confirmed by the author.

But in my opinion, their fight is equivalent to the battle of special classes, where they not only fight each other but also compete for analysis and strategy.

Every decision they take is not arbitrary, the actions they take are based on the condition of the opponent and himself at that time.

For chapter 190 it looks like it will be the end of this top-level battle, who will be the winner is very difficult to predict because their last condition is both detrimental.

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