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Anime Review: Deaimon, A Meaningful Life Story in a Japanese Sweets Shop



Best Slice of Life Anime Spring 2022

Slice of life anime, this genre is very rarely seen by anime connoisseurs because the storyline offered tends to run slowly.

Many also often complain that this anime genre becomes very boring because there are no major events happening in it.

But you could say that is not the main attraction of the slice of life anime genre, the real attraction is the sense of calm and peace that you can feel when you see it.

For example, you certainly know the Yuru Camp anime series, right? from the anime series you can feel the beautiful scenery from various places in Japan.

Besides being able to provide a sense of calm, this series also usually slips some very meaningful messages for real life.

For this year there are many great anime airing like Kaguya sama, Spy x Family, etc. But beyond that, there is one anime that really caught my attention, namely Deaimon.

Deaimon managed to stand alone among the onslaught of great anime titles, at first I didn't know the existence of this anime series, but after watching a few episodes I became convinced that this anime deserves to be the best anime in spring 2022.

Curious what the story is like? let's discuss it together.

Deaimon Synopsis 

Irino Nagomu, a 30 year old man is a musician who is testing his luck in the capital city.

It's been 10 years since he left his family to pursue his dream of becoming a famous musician, but suddenly everything changed when a cake and a letter came to him.

The letter came from his hometown, in the letter it was informed that his father was in the hospital.

Feeling guilty, he finally gave up all his dreams and returned home intending to continue his family's business, a Japanese sweet shop.

But who would have thought, as soon as he got home, it turned out that his family's sweet shop already had an heir.

A little girl who appeared out of nowhere has been decided to be the heir to the Japanese sweet shop.

Deaimon Review


Deaimon, this anime brings the old formula from the slice of life series, there is nothing new in this, everything works the same as most other slice of life anime.

A quiet life in a sweet shop, even so there are some conflicts that occur around the shop.

Yes, this can be said to be very relevant to real life where a problem can happen even in the calmest place.

One of the things I like about this anime is that none of the characters in this anime are cast out once, they all contribute to building the atmosphere in this anime series.

Even though it's only 12 episodes, but this is enough to make us know all the characters in this anime in depth.

The storyline itself has one main conflict, which is about the life of the shop heir, Yukihira Itsuka.

2 years before Nagomu came home, Itsuka was entrusted by his father to the shop and then left, during those 2 years Itsuka always looked for her father at the station or bus stop if she had free time.

Itsuka's sense of loneliness is well described, besides the trauma of being left by someone is also made very real.

This trauma continues to be shown implicitly in several episodes so that in the end the audience will realize it.

If you watched it you would have realized that Itsuka never depended on anyone and was very hesitant when she heard a promise.

The most interesting thing about this conflict is the identity of Itsuka's father, it became a big question since I saw that Itsuka had been deposited in the shop.

It's been weird from the start, isn't it? there was a foreigner who left his child in a sweet shop and even more strangely, the shop owner did not mind taking care of the child for up to 2 years.

Like a mystery anime, the author of this series always spreads some clues throughout the story, and if you look closely you will definitely know who Itsuka's father is even though it was never mentioned until the last episode.

In terms of graphics, I think it's good, every episode always presents a consistent quality, one of the characteristics of this series is the depiction of the background which is like a watercolor painting.


The cityscape of Kyoto is depicted very well in the background, the atmosphere of Kyoto becomes more pronounced with the support of the Kyoto accent used by all the characters from this anime.

Honestly, the use of the Kyoto accent can be a new sensation because not many anime use this accent as the main accent in every conversation.

Overall, I highly recommend this anime to watch, apart from a good storyline, this anime also includes many genres as spices in it.

So you can see the genres of romance, comedy, drama in this anime and they are consistently played in every conflict that exists.

For those of you who are still confused about where to watch, you can watch this anime for free and legally on Bstation.

Paman Radon
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