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Why are Manga or Light Novel characters always nice and shiny?


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Characters in Manga or Light Novels often have a beautiful appearance that sparkles and impresses the market, Why?

It's been a long time since the characters in manga or light novels often have their own uniqueness, namely having a very cute, beautiful, or very attractive appearance. 

The reason many people think that artists always try to create beautiful characters to attract viewers' attention, when most people love beauty.

However, in the latest reveal, it has shown the reason behind the sparkling beauty of the characters in manga or light novels and this has surprised many viewers.

As light novel author Takenoko put it in response to a fan question on Twitter: “According to an illustrator, ugly characters cost more money to draw”.

Writer Takenoko also emphasizes that it's not a matter of skill at all, as there are plenty of illustrators capable of drawing uninteresting characters. 

The problem is that unattractive characters will need more strokes to draw than pretty characters.

In addition, with weak market demand, less attractive characters will be difficult to accept compared to beautiful characters, so the frequency of appearance of characters is also quite limited and leads to unfamiliar drawing situations. 

That's why it's hard to waste time on artists who can draw ugly and less attractive pieces of art than they can on beautiful ones.

Takenoko also mentioned that overweight characters are often described in less detail in order to finish quickly, the important thing is that the characters look fuller than their normal size.

 Not to mention the artists also have to focus a lot on clothes and other accessories that make them spend more energy to complete their work.

Maybe every audience will realize that handsome characters have simpler lines, easier to execute than ugly characters. It is explained by the artist that in order to show the bad qualities of a character, the lines of drawing often have to be more complicated.


This is also the main reason why the characters in manga/light novels are often presented in a very beautiful and glittering manner, not only to attract the reader's interest but also to help them reduce the economic, financial, and of course time burden.

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