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Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kashimo Succeeded in Corner, Will He Lose?



Kinji Hakari's Curse Technique is Too OP

Previously you have seen how great Kashimo is against Panda, in that battle Panda really can't do much, the difference in their strength was too great.

At that time Panda and Kinji got the task of finding Kashimo because he had 100 points which were very valuable points in the Culling Game.

Just as Itadori and Megumi were separated when they entered the colony, this also happened to Panda and Kinji where they split up and ended up fighting two different people.

The two people they fought were Charles, who at that time was against Kinji and Panda faced the target, Kashimo.

When the fight took place, Panda was immediately beaten and ended with Panda's defeat, his body was destroyed and only his head was left.

Even in such a condition, Panda can still talk and then Kinji arrives who seems to have cleared Charles with his Domain Expansion.

When facing Kashimo, Kinji really excelled because he previously got the jackpot from his domain expansion.

Kinji Hakari

The theme song was already playing, for the next four or so minutes, Kinji was absolutely impossible to beat, he got infinite curse energy.

In addition, he also cannot be injured because his body will automatically perform a reverse cursed technique if it is hit by an attack.

In that fight, Kashimo seemed to have been cornered, before he did manage to sever Kinji's arm, but it was in vain because the arm was able to grow because of the Reverse cursed technique.

Things got even worse for Kashimo when Kinji re-issued his Domain Expansion Idle Death Gamble just after four minutes had passed.

Kinji's technique is really OP, he can do Domain Expansion repeatedly if he keeps getting the jackpot, besides the curse energy he has will also be filled when his Domain Expansion opens.

Let's see what Kashimo's next action will be, is it true that this will be his defeat?

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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