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Jujutsu Kaisen: This Jujutsu Master Surpasses Gojo?

Jujutsu Kaisen: This Jujutsu Master Surpasses Gojo?

The name Gojo Satoru is phenomenal and is widely known in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. 

His figure is famous for being the most powerful Jujutsu magician. 

And so far, there really hasn't been any other Jujutsu mage who has been able to surpass Gojo Satoru's abilities and strength. 

Even so, he himself admits that there are several names that will someday be able to surpass his power.

Some of these names are Yutta Okkotsu and also Kinji Hakari. 

Yutta Okkotsu
Yutta Okkotsu

The name Kinji Hakari may still sound foreign, because his figure has just appeared. 

Even so, the name Hakari itself has long appeared in the story. 

However, only after 175 chapters since Sanji's name appeared we can finally see the extent of his power level.

In the Culling Game arc which is still running until now, slowly but surely, Gege Akutami began to show the reason why Hikari became one of the strongest Jujutsu magicians. 

Hikari's name first appeared since chapter 11 yesterday. 

He is a delinquent student at Jujutsu Vocational School, where he is two years older than Yuji Itadori.

In chapter 11, it was Gojo himself who revealed that Hakari would one day become a powerful figure like himself. 

Considering that Gojo often appears as the strongest Jujutsu wizard, of course Gojo Satoru's words make fans have high expectations of Hikari's character. Then, to what extent is Hakari's power?

Proof of Hakari's Power in Jujustsu Kaisen

When Yuji and his friends first meet with Hakari to recruit him in the Culling Game, he turns out to have a fighting business. 

Shinji Hikari
Shinji Hikari

The fighting place is specifically for Jujutsu magicians. 

Itadori and Hakari briefly fought, and Hakari showed some of his abilities before agreeing to join Itadori.

The true power of Kinji Hakari only appeared in the latest chapter of the series. 

In chapter 186, Hakari begins to fight against Kashimo. 

Kashimo himself is one of the strongest participants in the Culling Game tournament, where he was responsible for defeat and Panda in the previous chapter.

Although the ending of Hakari's previous fight against Bernard does not appear in the story, he is still under the jackpot effect thanks to his pachinko-themed Domain Expansion. 

After hitting the jackpot, Hakari gains unlimited access to use the cursed energy. 

However, there was a condition that Hakari had to carry out where she was free to use the cursed energy as long as the music in the Domain Expansion was going on.

In other words, the unlimited access of the cursed energy had a time limit of approximately four minutes. 

During Hakari hit the jackpot, he really turned into a figure that was almost invincible. 

Whenever he was hit and injured, his body would automatically perform the Reverse Cursed technique and heal the wound.

What's also extraordinary is that when the music in the Expansion Domain stops, the cursed energy within Hakari will be full again. 

This allowed him to use his Domain Expansion a second time, a third time, and so on.

Overpowering Strength?

The power of this Hakari is truly extraordinary. 

Because, he could use his Domain Expansion more than once and over and over again. 

Some fans even think that this power is too overpowered, even for the standard of strength in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. 

Apart from that, we must admit that even the technique is very extraordinary.

The only moments Hakari is open to getting hit – despite being in Domain Expansion – are when she's trying to hit the jackpot. 

As long as Hakari has not succeeded in getting the jackpot, it will be easy for him to get an attack from the enemy. 

Unfortunately, with the tremendous power he has Hakari doesn't have to worry about the attack.

While he was waiting for the jackpot to hit, Hakari was able to withstand another attack with the technique at his disposal. 

In fact, it is not impossible if later he actually reversed the situation. 

Jujutsu Kaisen: This Jujutsu Master Surpasses Gojo?

As Hakari once stated that she has never failed to hit the jackpot on her Domain Expansion, which gives a hint that Hakari will always be strong.

Because of the epic power, it seems that no enemy will be able to withstand the power of Hakari. 

The Culling Game arc is clear proof of what Gojo Satoru said regarding the figures of Yuta and Hakari. 

Both are figures of great Jujutsu magicians with their own uniqueness and abilities. 

Kashimo may be a great fighter, but seeing how awesome Hakari feels like Kashimo will find it difficult to win against Hakari. 

Let's just wait the result of Kashimo and Hakari battle in the next chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen!


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