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Jujutsu Kaisen 189: The Toughness of Kinji Hakari


Kinji Hakari

Infinite Persistence Even Though Dying

The battle heated up again, after Hakari hit the jackpot again he began to enter a time where he was impossible to kill, the theme song was heard and within 4 minutes 11 seconds Hakari was impossible to kill.

Maybe you are starting to realize that Hakari's curse technique is not a specialty for attacking, I think it's more of a defensive technique for a long time, after a few chapters I don't see any Hakari technique that actually inflicts fatal injuries on its opponent.

While analyzing the opponent's ability, Hakari will continue to suppress his opponent and on the other hand the opponent is also not given the opportunity to kill Hakari because of his invulnerable mode which he can activate repeatedly.

In my opinion, Hakari will continue to press the enemy until he finds his weakness or the enemy runs out of stamina. In terms of stamina, Hakari is clearly superior because he can get infinite curse energy and also when he activates his domain expansion his curse energy will be refilled.

To fight ordinary enemies, this stamina fighting strategy is indeed very effective and profitable for Hakari, but the results will be different if the opponent is someone like Kashimo Hajime.

Kashimo's fighting style is more about defeating the opponent as quickly as possible with accurate and deadly attacks, with his electric technique Kashimo can launch fatal accurate attacks on his opponent.

In addition, Kashimo is also an intelligent shaman, he is able to analyze Hakari's abilities quickly and can immediately find a loophole where he can kill Hakari even though it is impossible to kill.

Kashimo finds out that the thing that makes Hakari impossible to kill is the reverse curse technique which activates automatically, and he then says that the reverse curse technique won't work if the user is hit with a fatal blow to the head, something Gojo had said against Toji.

Without waiting for long Kashimo immediately attacked Hakari's head and intended to blow his head off, Hakari almost died from the attack, fortunately he was able to overcome it quickly.

It wasn't until his head exploded that Hakari released the cursed energy that was channeled into his head and healed the wounds his brain had received at the same time.

Not running out of plans, Kashimo immediately switched to the next plan, he immediately did a countdown and just as the count was over the Hakari theme song stopped and at that moment an electric attack came.

The attack accurately hit Hakari's stomach and managed to destroy her, with that condition Kashimo assumed that this battle was practically over.

" Domain Expansion, Idle Death Gamble!"

Kinji Hakari

Hakari managed to prove that even if he lost one stomach, he could still continue the fight and could even do domain expansion.

In my opinion, somehow Hakari will be able to continue the fight, even if he can't continue he will definitely not die because it would be a shame if a character like Hakari became a one-time use character.

Paman Radon
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