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Jujutsu Kaisen 189: Kashimo and His Electric Attack


Kashimo Hajime

Hakari's invulnerable mode is no big deal for Kashimo

The jackpot has been obtained, now Hakari is back in a mode where he is impossible to kill, and again for 4 minutes 11 seconds Kashimo must be able to survive Hakari.

In chapter 188 it was shown that Kashimo was determined to kill Hakari even though he was in an impossible condition to kill.

This determination is not mere nonsense, Kashimo really analyzes Hakari's technique and manages to find a loophole where there is a possibility that Hakari can be killed even in conditions that are impossible to kill.

Kashimo knew very well that it was the reverse curse technique that made Hakari impossible to kill, and to deal with that technique Kashimo already had a solution.

No matter how quickly the technique is carried out, it will be useless if the user of the technique receives a fatal blow to the head, this has been discussed by Gojo when fighting Toji.

With his electric technique, Kashimo begins to launch a small but accurate attack towards Hakari's head, in that attack he applies electricity to Hakari's head and intends to blow his head off.


When he received the attack, Hakari immediately realized that his position was in danger, he swiftly took out all the attacks that Kashimo had launched through his nose while healing his brain that had been hit.

Still not stopping, Kashimo's electric attacks continued, as he continued to count down Kashimo began to prepare his attack. He drained electricity from his staff which was stuck far from the two of them.

Electricity also flowed towards Kashimo and passed through Hakari's left abdomen, and just as Kashimo's count was over, Hakari's theme song stopped and his stomach was instantly crushed by the electric shock.

Kashimo confidently thought that everything was over, but that was wrong, in a pathetic condition Hakari began to raise her hand and form a symbol.

"Domain Expansion, Idle Death Gamble!"

With Hakari's condition like that and the domain expansion he did again, the story is getting more unpredictable.

According to my prediction, Hakari still has other tricks in its expansion domain, so it's very likely that tomorrow's chapter 189 will be revealed.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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