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Narin: The Orange Room, An Anime-Style Horror Game


Narin: The Orange Room

Publisher Urnique Studio and developer RedSensation Games present their latest game with a horror anime look. 

The team has announced their newest Survival Horror game titled Narin: The Orange Room, expected to be released on Steam in 2023.

Plot and Synopsis of Narin: The Orange Room

Narin: The Orange Room

The game follows the Eponymous Narin, an elementary, seventh grade girl whose sister suddenly disappears. One thing leads to another, and Narin herself ends up in a mysterious world during Twilight Time, where she must now struggle to survive.

To find his sister, Narin needs to investigate and unravel various mysteries similar to what happened at his school, while looking for his younger brother. But this is not easy because every mystery sometimes leads to something dangerous.

Narin: The Orange Room Gameplay


This game uses a multidimensional mechanic, where Narin is drawn to the Twilight Time dimension at night. There, the world is attacked by ghosts, who live in their locations throughout the school.

During the day you need to look for information together with Narin at her school to unravel the various mysteries that exist.

The essence of this game is solving the mystery that exists with the main goal being to find the missing sister of Narin.

By looking for clues and solving some puzzles you will be able to unravel the mysteries that exist, besides that you also have to avoid chasing ghosts when looking for clues.

Although the design of this game seems cute rather than scary, the atmosphere provided is still the same as most other horror games, which is very tense.

In my opinion, apart from relying on good horror gameplay, this game also relies on a storyline that seems to be dominating considering Narin can do a lot of interactions and also get several reaction options.

For those of you who are still curious about this game, you can see the trailer below:

Overall this game is perfect for you horror game lovers who want a new sensation, with anime-style graphics and an interesting storyline, I'm sure this game will not disappoint.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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