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Apex Legends Mobile: Loba Now Comes With The Latest Battle Pass



No Need to Worry About Bad Loot If There is Loba

Apex Legends Mobile, it's been a few months since this game has been released and of course a lot of people have played this battle royale game.

In addition to offering stunning graphics, Apex Legends also provides a new experience in playing battle royale games where there are several unique features that do not exist in other battle royale games.

One of the things that attracts this game is the existence of legends or characters that you can play, these legends have some interesting skills that are useful when in the game.

After the release of Fade some time ago, now there are new legends that are present in Apex Legends Mobile, these legends are not really new but they have been released first on the PC version.

The legend is Loba, Loba is a legend with a support type where he can help his teammates in looting matters.

For more details, you can see the latest trailer from Apex Legends Mobile, in this trailer you will also be told some of the latest skins and a glimpse of Loba's gameplay.

Loba has three skills, namely Eye for Quality for her passive skill, Burglars Best Friend for her Tactical skill, and Black Market Boutique for her ultimate ability.

Eye for Quality is Loba's passive skill where Loba will be able to see the nearest epic and legendary loot, she can still see the loot even if it is blocked by a wall or other media.

For his tactical skills, Loba will throw the bracelet she is wearing in the direction she wants, then when the bracelet lands then Loba can teleport to the bracelet.

Black Market Boutique, Loba's ultimate ability can make Loba and all his colleagues loot fast. 

Loba will install a portable shop and through the portable shop Loba and all his friends can loot in the surrounding area without the hassle of walking around

Just like Fade, you can get Loba for free by raising the level of the battle pass. Seeing this, it seems that every battle pass that appears will be accompanied by the release of the latest legends.

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