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Jujutsu Kaisen 188: Kinji Hakari Hit Jackpot Again!


Kinji Hakari

A More Detailed Explanation of Domain Expansion Hakari

The battle continues, now Hakari has entered his Domain Expansion. When it is active an explanation will automatically appear in the opponent's head.

After receiving the explanation, Kashimo immediately showed a very high focus, he also thoroughly understood the rules of Hakari's domain expansion.

At the beginning of his activation, Hakari immediately used a technique where he could increase his probability of getting the jackpot, so you could say he could definitely get the jackpot on activating his domain expansion this time.

Here Kashimo's experience as a shaman really shows, he can easily understand Hakari's technique quickly and can analyze when Hakari's weakest moments are.

For now, Kashimo knows that he can kill Hakari, and Hakari only gets the infinite curse energy and reverse cursed technique when he hits the jackpot.

So Hakari can only be killed when he is in his domain expansion, but in this condition Hakari's curse energy is fully charged and his body condition is not weakened at all.

Kashimo Hajime

It wasn't easy to defeat Hakari even though he was in a state where he wasn't impossible to kill. His fighting ability is great.

It didn't take long for Hakari to finally get the Jackpot again, again within 4 minutes 11 seconds Hakari was impossible to die.

Hakari has activated the technique to increase the probability of the jackpot, so in the future Hakari will most likely not get the Jackpot.

It's safer to hold on for 4 minutes 11 seconds and beat Hakari afterward, that's how the loser thinks according to Kashimo.

The theme song starts to sound, Hakari gets an infinite curse energy again, on the other hand Kashimo also releases a very powerful power.

Kashimo is determined to kill Hakari even though he is now in an impossible state to kill. Most likely Kashimo will bring out his Domain Expansion to do so.

For chapter 188 will most likely discuss the end of this battle, the winner of the battle will be known in chapter 188.

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