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10 Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime Characters Based on Japanese Mythological Creatures Part 2


Yorichi Tsukiguni

Continuing part 1, not only demon characters use Japanese mythological creatures as references, but there are also human characters.

Not only appearance, but the strength of these mythological creatures are also used as reference material to shape the character in Kimetsu no Yaiba, of course with some additions that make the character even better.

Ok, let's get straight to it, here are the characters from Kimetsu no Yaiba who use Japanese mythological creatures as references:

6. Nakime - Biwa Bokuboku

Nakime - Biwa Bokuboku

Nakime is a mysterious demon who plays biwa. His Blood Demon Art took the form of an extra-dimensional space that housed a large-scale castle. As owner, he is able to manipulate the castle at will by plucking its biwa.

This demon is modeled on the Biwa-Bokuboku, a yokai who takes the form of a woman who wears a kimono but has the head of a traditional biwa. It is said that Bokuboku's biwa will live and sing at night.

7. Daki - Rokurokubi

Daki - Rokurokubi

One of the main enemies in season 2, Daki is a beautiful female demon who is able to control and manipulate her belt at will.

Daki is based on the Rokurokubi, a type of Japanese yōkai that looks almost human. But when night fell, his body fell asleep while his neck stretched long and could roam freely.

8 Muzan - Nurarihyon

Muzan - Nurarihyon

Muzan is the main antagonist in the story. He is considered a demon lord and is feared by all the other demons.

This demon lord is based on Nurarihyon, the Supreme Commander of the yokai in Japanese mythology. All demons submit and respect him.

9. Kokushibo - Tsukuyomi

Kokushibo - Tsukuyomi

Kokushibo is the second strongest demon after Muzan and a user of the moon-breathing style. He is also the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest demon hunter of all time.

The story and characters of Kokushibo, have much in common with Tsukuyomi – the Japanese moon god, who killed the goddess of food, Ukemochi.

10. Yoriichi - Amaterasu

Yoriichi - Amterasu

The last Kimetsu no Yaiba anime character based on Japanese mythology is the strongest demon slayer and the first creator of the breathing technique, Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Yoriichi is a representation of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess and one of the main gods in the Shinto religion.

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