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Before The Coffee Gets Cold Novel Review, The Story of Time Travel in the Underground Cafe


Funiculi Funicula

A cup of coffee to travel time

Time travel is one of the themes that is very often found in the stories that have been circulating, both in novels and in films.

This theme can continue to be in demand because it gives its own sensation, curiosity and tension are usually a mainstay in time travel-themed stories.

However, of all the stories with this theme, there is one thing in common, namely the passage of time that always affects real conditions and indeed that is what makes this theme interesting.

But what if the element is removed? meaning that time travel will not have any effect on real life. Time travel will not change reality, whatever you do, reality will not change.

This idea is the core story of the following novel, Before The Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. This novel really opens up the other side of humans which will certainly make your mindset change for the better.

Curious what the novel is like? let's discuss it together.

Synopsis Before The Coffee Gets Cold

Funiculi Funicula, a unique title indeed for a cafe in the middle of a big city, this cafe is located in a secluded place away from the crowds of Tokyo.

This cafe is located underground, even though the temperature inside is always cool, behind this small cafe there is a big legend in it.

In the cafe you can time travel, it's not just a story, you can time travel in the cafe. However, there are some rules that you must obey in order to be able to time travel

The rules are very many and detailed, then there is one more thing you should know that the time travel that you do will not change anything, no matter how hard you try, reality will not change.

Because of that, no one cares about the time travel in this cafe because it is very complicated and doesn't seem wasted because it can't change anything.

However, there are still some people who still want to do this even though they know what they are doing is futile because it cannot change reality.

What is the real reason these people do it? Is it true that even if it doesn't change anything their journey is in vain?

Before The Coffee Gets Cold Novel Review

My first impression when I finished reading this novel was a feeling of calm and emotion. I can feel this after I understand very well what message the author is trying to give to the readers.

The story in the novel is presented in a relaxed manner and flows naturally, the atmosphere is built slowly, the depiction of the background of the place in the form of an underground cafe is also well done.

Every time I read it I felt that I was really in the cafe and saw firsthand everything that was happening.

The storyline of this novel is very relaxed at the beginning and very emotional at the end, it succeeded in making me impressed and really understand the message given by the author.

All the characters in the novel have an important role in the continuity of the story. For me, they are all the main characters because they have a balanced role in each chapter.

In this novel there are four chapters where in each chapter there must be a hint of what will happen in the next chapter and the great thing is that the author was able to write these instructions so neatly that I couldn't realize the clues until I read the next chapter.

Every conversation and interaction that each character makes really feels real and is very influential in each chapter.

This successfully makes each chapter feel meaningful and can connect each chapter perfectly.

In terms of appearance, it is very representative of what will be told in the novel, an illustration of a cafe with a story title that is made to blend with the background is very suitable to describe the contents of the story.

Funiculi Funicula

Overall, this novel is highly recommended for those of you who like the theme of time travel because this novel can give a completely new sensation from the theme.

And for those of you who like casual stories, this novel will also be suitable for you because behind the relaxed story there are lots of meaningful things that you can get from reading this novel.

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