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Jujutsu Kaisen 188: Kashimo and Kenjaku 400 years ago


Kashimo Hajime

The Shaman's Fighting Obsession

4 minutes 11 seconds had passed, Kinji Hakari had already lost his infinite curse energy, now he immediately took out his Domain Expansion again.

When activated, all the rules and regulations regarding Hakari's domain expansion immediately filled Kashimo's head, Kashimo calmly looked at all the information.

Calmly he has understood all the information and made several conclusions, the first is Hakari's domain expansion is a probability loop type, not a special time type.

Then he also managed to reveal Hakari's weakest time, the time when he could be killed, that time was when Hakari was in his expansion domain, when he was trying to hit the jackpot.

Even so, it is not an easy matter to kill Hakari because at that time the energy of Hakari's curse is fully charged and his body condition is certainly without the slightest injury.

Kashimo vs Hakari

Hakari was very good at using his Domain Expansion, he also hit the jackpot easily at that time. Realizing this, Kashimo was determined to kill Hakari even though he was in an impossible condition to kill.

The story also moves to 400 years ago, a man with long hair with head stitches appears in the manga panels.

This man was Kenjaku 400 years ago. He walked in an area where the battle had taken place and approached an old man.

the old man is an old figure from Kashimo in the past, it seems he is a person who likes fighting and is always looking for strong opponents to beat.

He also asked Kenjaku who was the strongest person he had ever known, without the slightest hesitation Kenjaku replied that the strongest person was Sukuna.

Even though 600 years have passed, he still hasn't changed his mind and thinks Sukuna is the strongest person. From here we can find out what the purpose of Kashimo who is looking for Sukuna is.

He only wanted to fight with Sukuna to satisfy his fighting desire. From here I also thought of some wild theories that might happen.

It's possible that his obsession with Sukuna can change because of Hakari, seeing the fight that has happened Hakari could have defeated Kashimo.

And because of his defeat against Hakari, Kashimo's obsession could change from wanting to fight Sukuna to wanting to beat Hakari.

It's just a theory that I made, the truth is still uncertain, so let's just wait and see what will happen in the next chapter.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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