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Love Live! Superstars!! Liella will get 4 new members


Liella new member

Back Using the Concept of an Idol Group of 9 People

Love Live, for you fans of the idol world, you must already know about this franchise, Love Live itself has grown very rapidly and already has many talented idols.

The most recent idol group in this franchise is Liella, Liella was first introduced in the anime Love Live! Superstars!! some time ago.

This idol group is able to surprise Love Live fans around the world because this idol group only has 5 members.

As is well known, the idol group from Love Live always has 9 members, the first idol group Muse has 9 members and the second idol group Aqours also has 9 members.

At first the concept did not apply to Liella because they initially only had 5 members. The fans who realized that no one protested, they were even happy because Liella had a new and different concept from her previous idol group.

But now that it's been revealed that Liella will eventually have the same number of members as her predecessor which is 9 people, then is it the right decision? what are the comments of the fans? I will discuss it in another article.

For now I will discuss about 4 new members from Liella namely Kinako Sakurakoji, Mei Yoneme, Shiki Wakana, and Natsumi Onitsuka.

1. Kinako Sakurakoji

Kinako Sakurakoji


Kinako Sakurakoji. this girl from Hokkaido applied to Yuigaoka after seeing Liella's performance. 

This simple girl who has an interest in animals thinks of herself as just an ordinary girl who will not be able to fulfill the ideals of a school idol.

2. Mei Yoneme

Mei Yoneme

The second member is Mei Yoneme. a unique girl who has an expression that can make people misunderstand, many people will find her expression intimidating.

It's because of that expression that she thinks that she won't be able to become a school idol forever.

3. Shiki Wakana

Shiki Wakana

Shiki Wakana, a girl from the science club, loves to sing along on stage. But it's the opposite of his condition which doesn't really like crowds.

4. Natsumi Onitsuka

Natsumi Onitsuka

The last member is Natsumi Onitsuka, a famous youtuber who decided to try her hand in the world of School Idol.

With a smothie in hand, she will continue to think of creative steps so that Liella can become more famous while asking fans to like and subscribe to her channel.

The five of them will appear in the second season of Love Live! Superstars!! so let's wait together, how will the appearance of these five members in the second season.

Source: animenewsnetwork

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