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Genshin Impact Guide, Marvelous Merchandise, Simple Event with Abundant Primogem


Marvelous Merchandise

Genshin Impact Simple Event with Attractive Prizes

Genshin Impact, this game really knows how to please its players, they always provide interesting events.

After yesterday there was a double ley line outcrop event, now they are holding back one of their favorite events from this game, Marvelous Merchandise.

Marvelous Merchandise is one of the most frequently held events by the developer, since I played this game, it feels like this event has appeared several times.

It's not without reason that the developers of this game often bring this event back, this event is very liked by players because it is simple and the prizes are also many.

For veteran players who have played this game since its release, it may be familiar, but for those of you who are still new to this event, take it easy, let's discuss it together.

Marvelous Merchandise, this event is very simple, all you have to do is meet the eccentric merchant from Liyue, namely Liben.

Why do I call it eccentric, because Liben's appearance is very different from Liyue merchants in general, you can judge for yourself when you meet him.


Every time he appears, Liben must have many stories about the business he runs, if you are interested in the story of Liben's journey then you can listen to the conversations he has.

But for those of you who only focus on the event, you can skip.

When you meet Liben you will be offered a box containing various gifts, of course the box is not free, you have to exchange it for some things.


Don't worry, the items Liben asked for are not strange items, they are just random items that you can find when exploring.

Even though he only asks for random items, the items that you will get later are very useful and you will even get primogems.

Because of this, this event has become the favorite event of the players, they only need to exchange random items to get primogems.

Because this event is limited, don't forget to visit Liben every day so that you can collect more primogems.

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