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The Difference between Conjurer, Augmenter, and Deviant in Manhwa The Beginning After The End

The Difference between Conjurer, Augmenter, and Deviant in Manhwa The Beginning After The End
Conjurer, Augmenter and Deviant are terms that are often mentioned in this manhwa.

What are these terms actually mean?

Before we go deeper into the terms, let's discuss one important term, namely Mage.

Mage or Mana Control are those who manage to form a mana core in their body.

Those who have developed a mana core can use it to use mana in everyday life.

Mage themselves are divided into 2 groups, namely Augmenters and Conjurers

Difference between Augmenter and Conjurer

Augmenters and Conjurers both use mana to attack and defend, but what sets these two users apart is the way they gather mana.

An Augmenter naturally has a much more developed mana channel than a Conjurer, and they take advantage of this to distribute their mana throughout the body.

So it can be said, if an Augmenter is a person who can manipulate the mana in their own body, the higher the mana core they have, the stronger the mana they produce will be.


Meanwhile, Conjurers are magicians who have the ability to gather mana from the surrounding environment and convert it into their own mana.

A Conjurer needs the help of a special wand or ring as well as an array of spells that help them gather mana around them.

Unlike Augmenters who have a limited amount of mana, Conjurers have an unlimited amount of mana, as they can easily get mana from their surroundings.

But the mana they get from the outside must be neutralized in the mana core first so that in their magic implementation, they will take longer to release mana than Augmenters.


And, between these 2 mages, who is stronger?

Actually, both Augmenters and Conjurers are equally strong, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages which when combined will form a great team.

Besides Augmenters and Conjurers, it turns out that there is one group that has more outstanding abilities than these two mages, namely Deviants.

As we know, there are 4 basic elements that a mage can use, namely Fire (Fire), Water (Water), Earth (Earth) and Air (Water).

The four elements are called the basic elements, and each of them has a more complex and powerful version.

The Mage who can change this basic element to be higher is called Deviant.

There are 7 types of Deviant obtained from combining several elements, including:

1. Water → Ice (Humans only)

2. Water + Earth → Plants (Elves only)

3. Earth → Gravity (Humans & Dwarves)

4. Earth → Metal (Dwarves only)

5. Earth + Fire → Magma (Dwarves only)

6. Fire → Lightning (Humans only)

7. Wind → Sound (Humans & Elves)

In addition to the seven deviants above, there are 2 special Deviants that only a few mages have, namely Emitter or Healer and also Diviner.

Deviant healers could only be performed by the human race, and because of the difficulty there were very few people who became Deviant healers, one of whom was Arthur Leywin's mother.

Whereas Deviant Diviners were only possessed by elves, a diviner had the ability to deliver messages from a distance as well as see things from afar, abilities that were very useful for spying.

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