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7 Biggest Gang in Tokyo Revengers Universe

7 Biggest Gang in Tokyo Revengers Universe

Tokyo Revengers fans must be familiar with Tokyo Manji.

The gang founded by Sano Manjiro was one of the biggest groups that controlled Tokyo.

However, aside from Tokyo Manji, there are other gangs that are as big as Toman which dominates Tokyo.

Who are they?

Let's check together!

7 Biggest Gang in Tokyo Revengers Universe

7. Valhalla


Valhalla or the headless angel is a gang created by Kisaki Tetta as one of his way to take over the underground world and grasp Mikey's attention

Based in Valhalla Archade this gang was temporarily led by Hanma as the acting leader but Kisaki planned to give this position to Mikey.

One of the key figure of this group is Kazutora Hanemiya.

This childhood friend of Baji held a big grudge against Mikey and wanted to kill him.

Kisaki exploits this hatred and successfully lures Baji to join them.

The gang disbanded at the end of the Bloody Halloween Arc.

6. Tenjiku


Tenjiku is the biggest delinquent group in Tokyo Revengers based in Yokohama.

This group was founded by Izana Kurokawa, Kisaki Tetta alongside S-62 members to get revenge on Sano Manjiro (Mikey) and take over Tokyo Manji Gang.

This gang is the biggest and most fierce group in the story.

It is full of strong and influential figure in delinquent world.

Kakucho, Haitani Brothers, Hanma and Madarame Shion was part of this group.

Even though this group was full of strong figures, but they were defeated and disbanded at Kantou Incident.

This group was also the last group that Kisaki joined before his death.

5. Black Dragon

Black Dragon
Black Dragon

Black Dragon is one of the oldest Motorcycle gang in Tokyo that has actively ruling Kantou for generations.

The gang was founded by Mikey oldest brother, Shinichiro Sano with his friends, Takeomi Akashi, Keizo Arashi, ans Wakasa Imaushi.

These four founding members of Black Dragon were considered delinquent legendary who inspire many gangs in Tokyo.

This gang is mainly based in Shibuya and the current head of this gang is Takemichi Hanagaki as the 11th leader.

4. Rokuhara Tandai

Rokuhara Tandai
Rokuhara Tandai

Rokuhara Tandai is a motorcycle gang formed during Tokyo Sengoku Period.

A period after Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded and Tokyo was ruled by three deities, Senju, Terano and Mikey.

This gang mainly operated in Minato ward and led by Terano South, a ruthless and unique gang member from Italy.

Some of the key figures of the gang are S-62 members (Ran and Rindou Haitani, Kanji Mochizuki, Shion Madarame), Kakucho, Terano South Himself.

They firstly met Terano in Juvenile Detention Center and formed Rokuhara Tandai after Terano South was released.

3. Brahman


Brahman is a gang created during Tokyo Sengoku Period.

The leader of this huge gang is Kawaragi Senju with Akashi Takeomi as the vice leader.

This gang was based in Shinjuku and it was originally created to take down Mikey.

As a group created by adults, Brahman was a business gang.

It has a large underground fighting ring called B1 which is also a gambling arena for elites to burn their money.

under Takeomi's order, Brahman also have bodyguard service where they lent their members to protect the respectable clients.

This group was disbanded after the three deities' war as the gang loses to Kantou Manji Gang.

2. Kantou Manji Gang

Kantou Manji Gang
Kantou Manji Gang

After disbanding Tokyo Manji Gang, Mikey created this gang during Tokyo Sengoku Period to take control of gangs in Tokyo. Kantou Manji Gang has a distinct goal from Tokyo Manji Gang.

Mikey created Tokyo Manji to make a new era for delinquents, but Kantou Manji does not have any goals.

Maybe it was just created to fill Mikey's boredom after Tokyo Manji disbanded but this gang slowly gain its fame and become one of the biggest and most fierce gangs in Tokyo.

After winning the battle of three deities, Kantou Manji took over Rokuhara Tandai and in the future, this gang became the most dangerous criminal organization in Japan.

1. Tokyo Manji Gang 

Tokyo Manji Gang
Tokyo Manji Gang

Tokyo Manji Gang also known as Toman was a motorcycle gang formed in Shibuya, Tokyo with Mikey (Sano Manjiro) as the leader.

Toman was famous for his honorable motto, 'to make a new era for delinquent'.

But as the gang grew bigger and under Kisaki's influence, the gang later feared as the most dangerous criminal gang in Tokyo that rampaged and make trouble all over the city.

This is also the same group that killed Hinata in the future.

But after Takemichi's involvement, he managed to kick Kisaki out of Toman and made it back to its original goals.

Toman was disbanded after the Tenjiku arc and Takmichi rebuilt it again two years later to face Kantou Manji Gang and save his former leader.

That's all the famous gang in Tokyo Revengers!

Which one is your favorite?

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