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Genshin Impact News, Kamisato Ayaka's Banner Extended To 8 Months! Is that true?


Kamisato Ayaka

Weapon Banner Also Extended For 8 Months

Today there is information that is quite shocking for all players from one of the most popular games today, Genshin Impact.

After some time ago the developer Genshin Impact made an announcement that the update for the next version of this game will be postponed.

This happened because of the Covid case that occurred in China, with the increase in Covid cases making the Hoyoverse workers less than optimal.

The news was then followed by a horrendous thing that happened this morning, namely the extension of the banner from Kamisato Ayaka which lasted for 8 months.

Kamisato Ayaka Banner

I took the screenshot today at around 1 pm gmt+7, my game uses Indonesian, for the text it can be interpreted as follows: 240 Days 2 Hours 4 Minutes.

If calculated roughly, the extension time reaches approximately 8 months, the weapon banner also experienced the same thing, which was extended to approximately 8 months.

The extension finally gave rise to a lot of speculation, one of which was the assumption that the next version update would be carried out in 8 months in accordance with the banner extension.

8 months is not a short time, if this is indeed the case then the developer must really think about the content to fill the void for those 8 months.

In addition to the assumptions above, there are also other opinions which say that the time extension is just a bug or technical error that has been made by the developer.

And it seems that the second opinion is correct because after I checked again around 6 pm gmt + 7 the extension of time on the two banners has changed.

Kamisato Ayaka Banner

This time the remaining time for the banner changes to before v 2.6 ends, which means there is no definite time when this banner will end.

The same thing also happened to the weapon banner, in the remaining time it was written before v 2.6 ended.

This way there is still no certainty when version 2.7 will be released, but it's not entirely bad because now you have more time to collect primogems and get Kamisato Ayaka.

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