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Black Clover Chapter 332 Manga Spoiler, The Final Arc Has Begin


Black Clover Chapter 331

Crazy Plot Twist As an opening

As usual, before getting into spoilers, we should briefly discuss what happened in the previous chapter, chapter 331.

Fans of Black Clover around the world were successfully made an uproar because of this chapter, in chapter 331 a lot of surprising things happened.

At the beginning of the chapter we are given a view after the heavy battle in the Spade Arc ends.

The guard guard from his father Yuno invites Yuno to go somewhere, Yuno also follows the guard without questioning anything.

The guard takes Yuno to the place where the Queen of the Spade Kingdom is located, Her Highness Ciel Grinberryall, Yuno's mother.

On the other hand, Liebe and Asta are seen talking, here Liebe thanks Asta because he has helped him avenge Richita's death.

He also promises to help Asta achieve his dream of becoming the Wizard King.

The story switches to the clover kingdom where Damnatio looks with a gloomy and worried face, he then came to Julius with some information regarding the investigation that had been carried out.

And it is in this scene that all Black Clover fans in the world are in an uproar, Damnatio explains the results of his investigation where the last demon has been revealed, he is Astaroth with time magic.

From here, all readers must have realized that so far there has only been one time magic user in the Black Clover world, only Julius.

Instantly the body of Julius returned to his adult body and pushed Damnatio, it was accompanied by the arrival of Adramelech who brought the Devil's heart.

By thrusting the demon's heart, Adramelech also greeted Julius with the name Lucius Zogratis.From here it is revealed that the real figure of Julius is Lucius Zogratis.

Lucius Zogratis

Black Clover Chapter 332 Manga Spoiler

Because the raw version of this manga is not yet available so I can't give correct spoilers, I can only give a few predictions for what will happen next.

Most likely the next chapter will focus on an explanation of the figure of Lucius Zogratis.

considering the next chapter is the beginning of the Final Arc, this explanation is very necessary to strengthen the foundation of the Final Arc.

But before that there is information about this manga, the author, Tabata Sensei, will take time off.

Tabata sensei

After talking with the editorial staff, Tabata Sensei decided to take time off so that he can better prepare for the final arc.

He apologized to loyal readers of Black Clover for this, he also promised to give his best in the final arc

So let's just wait and see how this manga continues, for those of you who are still confused about reading where you can directly visit the link below:

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