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Watch Spy x Family Ep 5: Pass or Fail

Watch Spy x Family Ep 5: Pass or Fail

Loid was

mad and the interview ended in a mess!

Will Anya Forger pass or not??

Preview Anime Spy x Family Ep 4

The school interview has started.

This week's episode of Spy x Family was about Anya, Loid, and Yor's day in Eden Academy.

This is the first time the Forgers came to this prestigious school, and they face many difficulties along the way.

Eden Academy is a traditional and reputable school in Ostania.

Only the elites among the elites are able to attend this top school so that's why this interview was really important for the Forgers.

Watch Spy x Family Ep 5: Pass or Fail

The teachers are monitoring all candidates and their parents as soon as they step into the school.

Those who appear unpleasantly or behave improperly will be eliminated.

There are a lot of obstacles waiting for the Forgers such as a student who is stuck in a water tunnel and made their clothes dirty and a group of rampage animals that mess up the place.

Watch Spy x Family Ep 5: Pass or Fail

But with good preparation and Loid's spy instinct, they arrived to the interview place safely.

But the real challenge starts here. 

The interview went well at first, both Anya and the parents were able to answer all the questions smoothly. 

But one of the Interviewees, Professor Murdoch Swan was jealous of the harmonious good-looking family and he insulted Anya and Yor.

Anya was crying and Yor was angry.

Loid was furious and unconsciously he broke a table between them and scare the professor.

Well, they made a bad impression, and now Anya's fate was unclear.

Will Anya able to attend Eden's academy and make operation stryx successful?

We'll see later in the next episode.

Spoiler Anime Spy x Family Ep 5

Watch Spy x Family Ep 5

Anya passed the exam!

It is confirmed that Anya Forger passed the entrance exam and she officially became Eden's academy student in the next episode.

At the beginning, Loid, Anya and Yor were disappointed because they failed to attend Eden's Academy.

But they got a surprised call from the school that announce Anya's acceptance!

The family are ecstatic and Loid was doing something special to celebrate Anya's admission!

What will The Forger's do?

Let's see the clip below!

Spy x Family Episode 5 Released Date

The newest episode of Spy x Family anime will be released every Sunday 01.00 JST.

For Indonesia, This famous anime will release on Saturday, at 10.00 P.M. simulcast, this means the anime in Indonesia will be released at the same time with Japanese released.

Where to watch Spy x Family Episode 5

There are a lot of channels that paid the original license to play this anime, so you guys will have a lot of options to watch this hit anime for free, such as Youtube or other OTT channels.

For those who wanted to watch on Youtube, you could go to Muse Asia Youtube Channel which owns the copyright license for Spy x Family.

This channel has different sub-channel so they own a lot of different subtitles that you can choose to your liking.

Some subtitles they own are in Thai, Indonesia, Tagalog, India, and many more.

However, the anime in Muse has a time limit and for Spy x Family, it only showed on Saturday from 10.00 P.M. until Sunday at 01.00 A.M. 

But if you don't have time to watch the simulcast on Youtube, you can watch it on BStation at Bilibili. tv and Netflix!

Are you ready to follow Anya's journey?

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