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Genshin Impact Guide, Ratio Guide for Crit Rate and Crit Damage



The Right Ratio will Make Your Character Stronger

Crit rate and Crit damage, these two stats are fairly rare stats, veteran players will understand this. To find it is very difficult, you need to farm repeatedly to get it.

For artifacts, stat crit rate and crit damage can only be obtained from the Crown, even so you can still get substat crit rate or crit damage on other artifacts, even though the presentation is very small.

Apart from artifacts, crit rate and crit damage can also be obtained from weapons, but most weapons that have a crit rate or crit damage are mostly paid weapons or 5-star rare weapons.

Because of that, crit rate and crit damage are getting harder and harder to get, seeing how rare this stat is, of course you have to understand how to use it well when you get it.

Often players carelessly put artifacts so that these stats are not optimal, or there are people who only focus on one stat when it is very ineffective.

To avoid this, I will give a brief explanation of what crit rate and crit damage are so that you can understand more.

Crit Rate & Crit Damage


First I will explain what crit rate is, crit rate is the probability that your attack will be critical.

For example, if you have a crit rate of 50% then that means your attack has a 50% chance of becoming a critical attack.

Next I will explain about crit damage, crit damage is the total damage that will occur if your attack becomes critical.

For example, if your attack has 1000 damage and  you have 100% crit damage then your attack will be 2000 if it is critical.

These two stats cannot be separated because they are connected to each other, this means that you cannot rely on just one stat to maximize it.

It's useless, isn't it if your critical damage is very large but your attacks are never critical? the opposite also applies, it's useless attacks often become critical if your critical damage is small.

To deal with this, you need to apply the right ratio for the ratio of crit rate and crit damage to your character.

Ideally the ratio for crit rate and crit damage is 1:3, this ratio is very widely used by Genshin Impact players for now.

But you can also use a 1:2 ratio too, for myself I will apply a 1:3 ratio for dps characters while for support characters I will use a 1:2 ratio.

But remember, this doesn't only make your damage high because there are several things that affect the damage you can issue.

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