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Genshin Impact Guide, How To Make Your Character Deal More Damage



High Attack Won't Make Your Damage Big

Damage, this has become self-esteem for most Genshin Impact players, if the damage produced by their character is small then it will be a problem for them.

In addition, with small damage, you will not be able to defeat the enemies in the game, considering that they will continue to grow stronger as your level increases.

The problem with this damage is not only felt by you new players, but also players whose level is already high, often they are also still confused about why the damage produced by their character is still small.

Even though the level is already maxed out, the talent is also maxed out even up to the crown, but why is the damage still so small?

To understand this, it's a good idea to take a quick look at the concept of damage output in Genshin Impact. Putting aside buffs, debuffs, elemental reactions, and enemy defense, there are three main stats that determine the amount of damage you take out.

The three stats are Attack, Damage Bonus, and Critical. The following is a short formula that I made based on an existing formula, this formula is only an illustration so that you can understand it better.

Damage formula

For those of you who are interested in this formula, you can visit the following link to learn more about it:

From the formula above, you can see that the three stats are not added, but multiplied so you can't focus on one stat to get high damage.

For example, you can compare my Keqing, I've already tested my Keqing's stats. The first is Keqing with Goblet Electro damage bonus, then the second is Keqing with Goblet Attack%.


I did this experiment on Stonehide Lawachurl without using any buffs or debuffs, the result for the Electro damage goblet Keqing managed to produce 1938 damage.

As for Attack% goblet, Keqing can only produce 1776 damage, even though the value of stat atk, crit rate, crit damage is greater than my Keqing who uses Electro damage goblet.


From this simple experiment, you can prove that you will not be able to produce large damage if you only rely on one stat.

From here you can also start to understand how valuable the bonus stat damage is, this can happen because the bonus stat damage can only be obtained from goblets and some weapons, unlike other stats which you can get in many ways.

From now on try to balance the three stats so that the damage produced by the characters you have can be greater.

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