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Top 5 Beautiful Female Characters in Spring Anime 2022

5 Most Beautiful Female Characters in Spring Anime 2022

Spring is coming and it's time for us to update the list!

This spring we got a bunch of interesting anime with unique storylines and characters.

We got an anime about a spy, assassin, and esper forming a family together that sparks curiosity from fans on how this family gonna work.

Another anime that attracts fans loved is an anime about a girl who has a communication disorder so she hard to communicate with other people.

Surprisingly, this awkward girl has a dream to make 100 friends despite his inability to speak new people.

interesting huh, this spring we have new animes with different kinds of plots.

However, this spring not only brought new animes with enticing storylines, but they also prepared a lot of beautiful female charas that will liven your day.

Here we already list some bishoujo to accompany your spring!

5 beautiful Female Characters from Spring Anime 2022

1. Komi Shouko

Komi Shouko
Komi Shouko

The first female character in the list is Komi Shouko from the anime Komi-san wa Comyushou desu.

She is one of the most beautiful girl in this season.

Like other Mary Sue characters, Komi Shouko strong appeal made every character in the series fall in love with her.

Even though she has a hard time communicating with others, with her strong and charming aura, everyone is able to understand what she wanted to say.

2. Shikimori Micchon

Shikimori Micchon
Shikimori Micchon

Shikimori Micchon from Shikimori's not just a cutie series arguably is one of top waifu for this season.

With her  silky pink hair, green-blue eyes, and a slim body. 

She could be described as a cutie who is loved by fans.

Shikimori-san usually seen as a a cheerful, kind and energetic girl, but she also has a cool and intimidating side.

Her different side showed when someone try to harm her beloved boyfriend, Yuu izumi.

She loves Izumi very much and will do everything to protect her cute boyfriend.

This two side of Shikimori is really cute and adorable.

3. Godai Miyako

Godai Miyako
Miyako Godai

Miyako Godai is the protagonist of Dance Dance Danseur.

This beautiful dancer captivate many eyes and became one of the best waifu in Spring anime 2022.

4. Forger Yor

Forger Yor
Forger Yor

Forger Yor from Spy x Family franchise is an assassin whom married by Lyod Forger in order to make a fake family for his mission.

This elegant and beautiful foster mother of Anya works as a normal clerk in an office.

But actually she is a professional assassin who already killed many important people.

Even though she looks awkward and clumsy, but she actually caring towards her -fake- family and tried her best to became a good mother for Anya and wife for Lyod.

5. Shinomiya Kaguya

Shinomiya Kaguya
Shinomiya Kaguya

Shinomiya Kaguya is the main protagonist of Kaguya-sama Love is War series.

Kaguya can be considered as a beautiful girl with her fair-skin, long black hair that is usually tied by a black-red ribbon and large almond shaped red eyes.

In the manga, she is described as someone who owned a stunning beauty and her appearance alone could made people fall in love with her.

Despite her charming look, Kaguya has a cold and aloof side that  hard to approach.

Later, this beautiful ice princess joined student council and she began to get closed to other members and her temperament became softer.

That's all five beautiful female characters from spring anime 2022.

Which one is your favourite?

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