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Who is the Strongest Character in Tokyo Revengers Universe?

Who is the Strongest Character in Tokyo Revengers Universe?

Every manga or anime certainly has its own overpowered character, such as Naruto in the Naruto manga and Kurosaki Ichigo in the Bleach manga.

But, how about the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers universe?

If you look at the the previous action series like Bleach, My Hero Academia and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

The strongest and the most depended character is the main character.

Most conflicts that occur usually happened around the main character.

In addition, the manga protagonist mentioned above always steals the attention and always gets the attention of the characters around him.

But it's different with Tokyo Revengers, because even though Takemichi Hanagaki is the main protagonist, his presence sometimes doesn't attract the attention of those around him.

Unlike Mikey or Draken, whose presence is highly expected, especially when there is a big battle that occured.

Furthermore, every action manga must have its own strongest character.

Usually, the strongest character in an anime or manga that the author entrusts to the main character.

Even though at the beginning of the story the main character is still weak like Tsuna in KHR and Midoriya Izuku in Boku no Hero, but as the story go further, they will grow, getting stronger and became the most reliable characters in the story.

Although there are many strong and overpowered characters in the story, the main star is still the protagonist themself.

However, it's not the same with Tokyo Revengers, because the main character, Takemichi Hanagaki is not the strong type like others.

He could be considered as the weakest characters in the story.

He is really weak that even he could lose against a girl.

This Takemichi is really funny...

Although the main character is weak, this manga has overpowered characters such as Mikey, Draken, Taiju, and Izana who are much stronger than Takemichi.

How come the characters even support more powerful than the main character?

And who is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers series?

Well, if we look at how many characters who idolize and try to attract the attention of Mikey, the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, surely you thought that Mikey is the strongest character in this series.

With an agile small body, great fighting skills, and great charisma, every characters will surely bow on his feet.

Therefore, we can conclude that Mikey is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers.

But this is only valid if we viewed from strengh only, but if you look further, it turns out that Takemichi is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers.


Why a weak character who cries easily became the strongest?

Because even though Takemichi always loses in power struggles, but he can win the hearts of the strongest people by using his unyielding will and speech.

Some powerful characters like Baji, Mikey, he even Kisaki, the Ultimate Villain lose to Takemichi's motivational speech.

Who is the Strongest Character in Tokyo Revengers Universe?

Even though he is not good at fighting, Takemichi's determination and persuasive power is very high, so that without realizing it, everyone gathers near him and considers Takemichi as the most important person for them.

So from here we can conclude, that the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers is the protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki!

A strong determination to save his friends and to change the future makes Hanagaki the real and invincible Hero!

What do you guys think?

Is Takemichi the most strongest Character in Tokyo Revengers or other candidates?

Tell your thoughts in the comment section below!

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