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Tokyo Removes Trash Cans from Stations Soon, Passengers Are Advised To Bring Their Trash Home



Trash Cans Removed to Improve Station Security

Tokyo, one of the busiest cities in Japan is famous for its paradox where in the city there is little trash but also few trash cans.

In this regard, the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation bureau recently made an announcement that they will be removing all trash cans from the station in the near future.

For those of you who are not Japanese, you will definitely be confused after reading this news, especially since the reason behind the removal of this trash can is for station security.

“We have resolved to remove all trash cans to strengthen countermeasures against terrorism and the like.”

That's the official statement from the relevant parties regarding the decision to remove trash cans from the station.

Train Station

Please note, in 2015 there was a policy implemented at several stations in Japan where they replaced their trash cans with transparent plastic materials.

It is intended that the contents of the trash cans can be seen by the officers at the station, so that if there are suspicious objects they can immediately take action.

The decision made by the transportation bureau is not very clear considering that there have been no recent incidents of terrorism related to trash cans.

Putting this aside, there is one advantage that the station can get, namely cutting costs used to deal with waste.

By eliminating the trash cans at each station, they can save up to 100 million yen, the fee usually used for transportation and all matters regarding the waste at the station.

Even though all the trash cans have been removed, there is still a trash can left, namely a trash can that holds a container that can be recycled, usually this trash can is placed near the vending machine.

With the removal of the trash cans they advise passengers to take their trash home and not throw it away.

Even though it sounds impossible, it can actually be implemented because Japanese people already have the mindset not to litter.

So when it comes to bringing trash home, I don't think it's a big deal for Japanese people.

Source: soranews

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