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Genshin Impact Guide, How to Get Highscore in Vibro Crystal Research


Vibro Crytal Research

Get Many Prizes By Reaching The Highest Score 

After the banner from Kamisato Ayaka appeared, the latest event that you can play at Genshin Impact has now appeared, the event is Vibro Crystal Research.

This event is very similar to Hyakunin Ikki but with a different mechanism. In this event you will face countless enemies and each stage will be timed.

Every enemy you defeat can give you points, the stronger the enemy you defeat, the more points you can get, the more points you have, the more prizes you will get.

Not only defeating countless enemies, but you also have to be smart in combining resonance stones so you can fight more effectively.

What is a resonance stone? How does it work? let's discuss together.

How to Unlock Vibro Crystal Research Event

To be able to play this event, you must have an adventure rank of level 28 and above and have completed Archon Quest Chapter 1: Part 3.

If you have met the requirements above then you can go directly to the adventure guild in Liyue, from there you will be directed to meet Patrice who is in The Chasm.


Told that Patrice was a researcher from Fountaine, he went to Liyue to do a research on resonance stones. Your task here is to test the stone in direct combat.

How to Get Highscore in Vibro Crystal Research

Vibro Crystal Research

In each stage you are allowed to bring two teams at once, where you will also be loaned some characters that you may not have yet.

After selecting team members, you can move on to combining resonant crystals. Here there are six crystals, each of which is divided into two crystals, namely the transmitter crystal and the receiver crystal.

The effect of the crystal receiver can only appear when the crystal transmitter is activated. Therefore you have to really pay attention to each of the conditions to activate the crystal.

One transmitter crystal can only be connected to one receiver crystal, while the receiver crystal can be connected to three transmitter crystals at once.

To be able to complete this event there is a powerful trick, just pay attention to the character that is being loaned.

Indirectly the borrowed character shows the most suitable strategy to complete the stage with a high score, for example in the second stage you will be loaned Yoimiya, Ayato, Yun Jin, and Razor.

The four characters have one thing in common, which is that they are all related to normal attacks. Therefore you can rely on normal attack combos to be able to finish this stage easily

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