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The 3 Easiest Weapons to Use in Apex Legends Mobile


Charge Rifle

Suitable for new players who want to adapt to the atmosphere of Apex Legend

Apex Legend Mobile, this battle royale game has a different atmosphere and gameplay from games of a similar genre, Apex Legend is not only concerned with survivability.

To get optimal points you need to get a kill every time you play, so for example you get a high rank but don't get a kill at all then the points you get will be few and even zero.

Therefore, if you want to increase your rank in Apex Legend quickly, then you must also pay attention to the number of kills each time you play.

.In addition to position and strategy, the weapons you carry also greatly affect the number of kills you can get.

 It's true that none of the weapons in Apex Legend are bad, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, therefore you have to study every characteristic of the existing weapons in order to master it.

For those of you who are still confused about what weapon to use, here are the 3 easiest weapons to master in Apex Legends Mobile.

1. R-301 Carbine

R-301 Carbine

 R-301 Carbine is one of the best rifles in Apex Legends Mobile, this weapon is very effective at medium range.

Although the effective range is medium range, this weapon can also provide good performance when used for close combat.

The recoil of this weapon is also light and very easy to control, the damage is also decent, you can beat anyone if you get this weapon.

The only drawback of this weapon is the small number of bullets, but that can be tricked by the attachments that can be installed on this weapon.

2. Flatline


Flatline, the performance of this weapon is similar to the R-301 Carbine, there are only a few things that distinguish these two weapons.

Equally effective at medium range and can also provide good performance in close combat. What distinguishes this weapon from the R-301 Carbine is the larger number of bullets and greater damage.

But this weapon has a heavier recoil than the R-301 Carbine and a lower firerate, overall you can use this weapon directly without any attachments anymore.

3. Volt SMG

Volt SMG

Volt SMG, this weapon is the best SMG in my opinion in Apex Legends Mobile. Compared to other SMGs, the Volt SMG is much easier to use.

Like an SMG weapon, the Volt SMG is very effective for use in close combat, the recoil is light and easy to control, the damage is also quite large for an SMG class.

So if you are playing, try to get the weapons above, because besides being easy to use the weapons above can also help you to kill enemies more easily.

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