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Taiju Shiba, The Strongest Man in Tokyo Revengers

Taiju Shiba, The Strongest Man in Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is an action manga that has many overpowered characters. 

Maybe some of the newcomers who just read this manga will also think that the main character of Tokyo Revengers also has a domineering power like others. 

But sadly, not.

Tokyo Revengers main character, Takemichi Hanagaki is a cry baby hero who has a unique ability to travel through time and is a big-hearted person with an unyielding spirit that support his teammate during a difficult time.

As for fighting ability, Takemichi is not that strong.

So, if the main character does not possess a strong fighting power, who is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers universe?

Is it Mikey, Senju or Taiju Shiba?

Let's get to know Taiju Shiba, one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers!

Who is Taiju Shiba?

Taiju Shiba, The Strongest Man in Tokyo Revengers

Taiju Shiba is the former 10th leader of Black Dragon, the same gang founded by Shinichiro Sano.

He is also the eldest brother of Yuzuha Shiba and Hakkai Shiba.

He become Yuzuha and Hakkai guardian since their parents passed.

Taiju Shiba's characteristic

Taiju is shown as a muscular and tall man who easily towers over other chara. 

He is also known as the second tallest character in Tokyo Revengers so far.

In the past, Taiju Shiba had long unruly blue and white hair.

Later, he tied up his long hair to make it neat and tidy.

Taiju Shiba

He also has a tribal tattoo styled in a series of swirls on the left side of his neck down to his chest and cursive tattoos below that. 

Even though he is a religious man who always takes time to pray at church, he has a brutal and abusive temperament.

He was also a dictator who trained his Black Dragon members military-like, his training made the entire 10th generation like an army who is obedient and ruthless.

He also brought his abusive behavior home and treat his siblings harshly.

Taiju Shiba

Even if he always treats Yuzuha and Hakkai like a nuisance, deep inside he always cares about his siblings, especially Hakkai.

Taiju Shiba's Power

Taiju was first introduced in the manga chapter 79 and since then he became one of the strongest characters who is on par or even stronger than Mikey. 

With his tall and muscular build, he could make a destructive blow that easily beats every Toman's elite.

Taiju also has a quick recovery body, he could sober quickly even after receiving Mikey's powerful kick.

Mikey Kick

If Taiju honed his martial arts, he could become the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers.

Unfortunately, Taiju never took time to hone his fighting skill, and only depend on his brute and powerful punch.

But, even if he only uses his powerful strength, Taiju Shiba definitely is the toughest character that Takemichi ever face.

Taiju Shiba Helping Takemichi

Even though he was defeated, Taiju did not hold any grudge against Takemichi.

In a few of his Time Leap, Takemichi was helped by Taiju and he even protect Takemichi when Kisaki's men tried to catch him.

Even after Kisaki's arc ended, Taiju's involvement will not stop there.

Because there is a rumor that Taiju Shiba will come and help Takemichi in this upcoming battle.

There is a big possibility that Taiju will be the one who comes up against Mikey.

Will Taiju come and help his brother's benefactor?

We'll see the truth soon!

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