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Genshin Impact Guide, Kamisato Ayato Taser Team, Incredible continuous damage!


Kamisato Ayato

A Simple Team Comp That Can Clear Spiral Abyss Easily

Taser team, this strategy is not as popular as the two previous strategies, vaporize and permafreeze. But that doesn't mean the taser team is a bad strategy.

The taser team uses one of the elemental reactions, namely electro charge, therefore in this team comp there must be characters who have hydro and electro elements.

Because the electro charge can do damage periodically, therefore it takes a character with skills that can supply the two main elements in this reaction, namely electro and hydro.

This strategy is often underestimated because the damage produced by the electro charge reaction is relatively small, even so in my opinion even though the damage is small, the electro charge can do damage continuously.

Besides that, this strategy is also very fun to use because you can see lots of numbers on your screen.

Curious as to what the composition of the team will be? let's discuss together.

Kamisato Ayato Taser Team


The taser team has always been synonymous with Fischl, this character is indeed very suitable to fill the role as a provider of electro elements in the taser team.

For the composition of the team, there is Kamisato Ayato as Main DPS, Fischl as Sub DPS, Beidou as Sub DPS, and Sucrose as the buff giver.

Here I use two electro-element sub dps so that they can help each other in filling each other's elemental burst energy.

Fischl can give electro damage regularly so it is very suitable for use in taser teams. 

For Beidou, the role is the same as Fischl, which is to provide electro elements during the fight, Beidou itself can be replaced with an electro traveler, but if you have Beidou, you should just use Beidou.

For Sucrose her job is to increase the elemental mastery of all team members and also increase the damage with her swirl.

Sucrose can be replaced with other anemo characters such as Kazuha, with Kazuha you can easily grouping enemies in the area you want.

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