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Kamisato Ayato Permafreeze Team Comp, Bring the Eternal Freeze to Your Enemy!


Kamisato Ayato

The enemy will not be able to move even for a second

Kamisato Ayato, a character who has just been released in Genshin Impact, has a unique battle mechanic so that he can fight in many strategies.

He can also occupy other positions, namely as a hydro applicator as well as being off field dps, this is very possible because of his long elemental burst and wide area.

As I said earlier, Ayato can fight in many strategies, and one of the best strategies that can be used is permafreeze.

For those of you who still don't know, permafreeze is a strategy that uses one elemental reaction, namely freeze.

This strategy focuses on freezing every time so the enemies you face will not have a chance to attack.

This strategy is usually used to deal with agile, troublesome enemies like Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents or Rifthound though.

Curious what kind of permafreeze team comp for Ayato? let's discuss together.

Kamisato Ayato Permafreeze Team Comp

Kamisato Ayato Permafreeze Team Comp

For the team composition, there is Kamisato Ayato as Onfield DPS, Rosaria as Sub DPS, Diona as shielder and healer, and Yun Jin as a buff giver.

I think the composition above is very qualified to be able to implement the Permafreeze strategy, the three characters besides Ayato are also easy to get.

The permafreeze strategy really needs to provide cryo and hydro elemental attacks at regular intervals, therefore Rosaria plays an important role here.

Elemental burst miliknya bisa dengan baik menyediakan serangan elemen cryo secara berkala, selain itu Rosaria juga bisa meningkatkan crit rate teman satu tim.

Considering that Ayato will stay in place when performing elemental skills, a shielder character is needed to protect him and Diona is very suitable to hold that role.

In addition to being able to provide a shield, she can also provide regular heals while helping replenish energy from Rosaria.

When the enemy is frozen, Ayato just needs to defeat them using his elemental skill, with the help of Yun Jin's buff, Ayato's normal attack becomes even more deadly.

You can modify the composition above, you can replace some characters with other, stronger characters.

You can replace Rosaria with Ganyu or Kamisato Ayaka, you can also replace Yun Jin with anemo characters like Kazuha or Venti to make it easier to grouping the enemies.

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