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The 3 Strongest Jutsu that Appeared Before the Boruto Era


Shiki fujin

A very powerful jutsu but difficult to use

Jutsu, this one thing is the main attraction in the Naruto and Boruto series, I often meet fans of this series who say that they are interested in watching because there are many cool jutsu.

Jutsu itself is one of the ways used by shinobi in the Naruto or Boruto series to fight, and each shinobi has their own unique jutsu.

Like Kakashi with his Raikiri, Naruto with his Taju Kagebunsin and many more. 

Not only those who can control chakra have jutsu, but those who are good at martial arts also have cool jutsu like Migt Guy and Rock Lee.

Now in the Boruto era, these jutsus look even more modern with the technologies that have developed, Even so, it doesn't mean that the jutsus that appeared in the Naruto era were weak.

Here are 3 powerful jutsu that appeared before the Boruto era:

1. Shiki Fujin

Shiki Fujin

Shiki Fujin, this jutsu is arguably a powerful sealing jutsu in the Naruto era. This jutsu is also a super secret jutsu.

It was so secret that even a genius like Orochimaru didn't know the existence of the jutsu until Hiruzen used it to seal him.

2. Edo Tensei

Edo Tensei

This jutsu really made the fans excited when it appeared, this jutsu are able to resurrect people who have been dead for a long time.

First developed by Tobirama Senju and perfected by Kabuto, this jutsu is truly extraordinary indeed. Even with this jutsu can resurrect Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage who died in the past.

3. Mugen Tsukoyomi

Mugen Tsukoyomi

Mugen tsukoyomi, this jutsu became a problem in the Naruto Shipuden series and even became a big problem when the ninja world war took place.

This jutsu includes genjutsu which can make people enter the dream world that the victim really wants, what's terrible about this jutsu is its scope that can reach the whole world.

So if this jutsu is successfully activated then all people in the world can be affected.

Paman Radon
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