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Jujutsu Kaisen 194: The Strongest Person in the Kamo Clan


Kamo Noritoshi

The True Power of the Kamo Clan

In chapter 192 we were shown that Noritoshi received a crushing attack from the cursed spirit Naoya who had just reached his perfect form.

But in the latest chapter, chapter 193, we are shown Noritoshi who looks fine, it turns out that right before the attack hit him, he had time to make a blood shield to protect himself.

Just a split second late then Noritoshi could have lost his head, seeing Noritoshi who could survive his attack, Naoya immediately praised him.

After a while, Naoya resumed his attack, the fight resumed, now the cooperation between Maki and Noritoshi is shown again.

The abilities of these two high school Jujutsu students are so great, Noritoshi managed to bind Naoya with one of his techniques, without further ado Maki immediately attacked Naoya's cursed spirit.

Kamo Noritoshi

But the cooperation between Maki and Noritoshi is still not enough to defeat Naoya. From this we also know that Naoya can still use his curse technique.

Naoya's curse technique can be said to be very troublesome and when combined with his speed when he becomes a cursed spirit then Naoya will be really hard to beat.

After successfully dodging the combined attack between Maki and Noritoshi, Naoya's cursed spirit moved away from the two of them.

Noritoshi had thought that Naoya had run away, but Maki immediately denied this, Maki knew very well that Naoya did this to prepare for the next attack.

Maki explains that Naoya intends to attack at full speed, during his life Naoya once launched an attack with a speed that exceeds the speed of sound.

Assuming the speed was still the same, then Maki intended to withstand the attack alone and told Noritoshi to stay away.

Maki's decision turned out to be wrong, the attack was much faster than the speed of sound, Naoya's attack speed at that time reached Mach 3.

Maki immediately fell, seeing this I assumed that in the next chapter we will be shown the battle between Noritoshi and Naoya's cursed spirit.

Maki's condition is really bad, from here it looks like Maki will be difficult to get up in a short time, so I predict the next chapter will be a place for Noritoshi to show his abilities.

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