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Jujutsu Kaisen 194 Spoiler: Fastest Curse Spirit


Naoya curse spirit

Its Speed ​​is Equivalent to a Fighter Aircraft

The battle between Naoya's cursed spirit against Maki and Noritoshi is still ongoing, in the last chapter we were shown that Noritoshi received an attack from Naoya's cursed spirit who had reached his perfect form.

In the latest chapter it turns out that Noritoshi managed to survive the attack, just before he received an attack from Naoya he had time to make a blood shield to protect himself.

Even though he has now been banished from the Kamo clan, we must not forget that Noritoshi was a candidate for the previous head of the Kamo clan, so it's no wonder that he survived the great attack.

After surviving the attack, Noritoshi immediately realized that the slightest mistake he made in the fight could cost him his life.

Just as Noritoshi got up from his fall, Maki immediately joined and the two of them again showed good cooperation when facing Naoya's cursed spirit which had now reached its perfect form.

Even so, the two of them are still having trouble defeating Naoya, after a few battles now Naoya's cursed spirit begins to move away.

Maki knew very well that Naoya was going to do a big attack by relying on his speed, therefore he told Noritoshi to stay away and intend to withstand the attack alone.

Zen'in Maki

But who would have thought, the decision made by Maki even harmed himself, when Naoya lunged, Maki could not withstand the attack and immediately fell.

The attack speed of Naoya reaches Mach 3, the speed is equivalent to the speed of a fighter jet in the real world. Yeah it's not something slow.

From this incident I can predict something, in the next chapter it looks like there will be a duel between Noritoshi and Naoya's cursed spirit.

I thought it could happen considering that Maki's last condition wasn't so good, it seemed that Maki needed a little time to get back up.

From here I think that Naoya will also finish off Noritoshi because he might still be annoyed with Noritoshi's curse technique.

Also keep in mind that Noaya almost lost against Choso who has the same curse technique as Noritoshi.

But again, these are just my predictions, the truth of which is still uncertain, so let's just wait and see what surprises the author will give in the next chapter.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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