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Jujutsu Kaisen 191: Maki Zen'in and the Heavenly Barrier


Maki Zen'in

The Power That Surpassed the Legend Toji Zen'in

In chapter 190 a lot of interesting things were revealed, apart from the result of the battle between Kashimo and Hakari, this chapter also discusses about Maki who has become a new figure.

For the results of the battle between Kashimo and Hakari, Hakari was the winner, he managed to survive until the end while Kashimo had to fall because he had run out of curse energy.

Even so, Hakari didn't feel that he had won the battle, because he knew that Kashimo didn't use his curse technique at all. And from this it is also known that Kashimo's curse technique can only be used once.

In this chapter, Hakari makes a decision that can be considered very arbitrary because he allowed Kashimo to fight Sukuna even though he knew very well that Sukuna was now inside Itadori's body.

Hakari is a unique and intelligent person, so I prefer to believe in Hakari's decision without having to think about why.

On the other hand, we are shown the presence of Maki and Kamo, both of them are in the Sakurajima colony.

Kamo Noritoshi

With his new appearance, Now Noritoshi has been kicked out of his clan, the same thing has happened in the Kamo clan until Noritoshi was finally kicked out.

During the meeting, Noritoshi immediately realized the difference in his strength with Maki. Maki had changed a lot since her last battle with her own clan, the Zen'in clan.

A very striking difference is that now she can fight without wearing his glasses and also her strength increases many times so that she can enter the colony freely.

The death of her sister made her strength even more peak, I think Maki's heavenly barrier is now at its peak and could possibly surpass Toji.

If this is indeed the case, then Maki's figure will turn into a figure who must be wary of. You certainly remember the figure of Toji who was able to corner Gojo Satoru to the point of death.

If Maki can surpass Toji, it is not impossible that he can fight on a par with Gojo, who is much more powerful now. Yes that's just my prediction, and of course still not necessarily true.

Most likely in chapter 191 we will be shown Maki's new power and maybe the feud that occurred in the Kamo clan will also be shown.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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