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Jujutsu Kaisen 191: High Speed ​​Combat


Kamo Noritoshi

The Incredible Speed ​​of Zen'in Naoya's Cursed Spirit

In chapter 190 we were shown the appearance of a very strong cursed spirit, the cursed spirit came to Noritoshi and Maki who were in the Sakurajima colony.

Before showing the cursed figure, we were told about the situation of the Kamo clan which was already controlled by Kenjaku.

Not only the Kamo clan, Kenjaku has also controlled many parties, including the top jujutsu officials in Japan, from here we can also know that it was Kenjaku who made Okkotsu Yuta the executioner of Itadori.

Seeing this condition, Noritoshi could only surrender and wait for death. But Kenjaku had no intention of killing Noritoshi, he thought that Noritoshi's presence would not interfere with his plans.

The scene changes, showing Noritoshi and Maki starting to notice a powerful cursed spirit approaching them.

The curse had a large body size, but the speed of the cursed spirit was extraordinary, it was in stark contrast to its gigantic size.

The cursed spirit is Naoya, Naoya can resurrect into a cursed spirit because he died not because of the curse technique.

Carrying a great grudge, he immediately targeted Maki at full speed. His speed was so incredible, even Maki's counterattack didn't manage to hit him.


As you already know, during his lifetime Naoya had a curse technique related to speed. He can divide the time of one second into 24 fps, this can make him faster and can see the opponent's movements more accurately.

He is a type of shaman who is proficient in close combat, he is very confident in his speed so he does not need any weapons when fighting.

Even so he still carries a knife that he hides, the knife he will use when making a surprise attack.

After looking back at Naoya's fighting style during his lifetime, it's no wonder that the speed of his cursed spirit is also very fast.

It seems that in chapter 191 we will be shown a high-speed battle, here Maki must really be able to keep up with Naoya's speed if she really wants to beat him.

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