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Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Itadori Fate

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Itadori Fate

Death always seems to surround Yuji Itadori, even before he became a Jujutsu Vocational High School student. 

Because of that, there is a theory that the main protagonist's possible final fate will end tragically. 

The possibility of Itadori's death has even been known since the beginning of the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Due to becoming Sukuna's vessel, Yuji Itadori must be sentenced to death.

Even so, Gojo himself managed to delay or prevent the death temporarily. 


On the other hand, how Itadori always managed to survive death makes us rethink whether Itadori was destined to die. 

However, considering that Gege Akutami never hesitates to take risks, killing the main protagonist doesn't seem like a big problem.

Throughout the series, we see how Itadori tries not only to save as many people as possible but he is also trying to choose how he will die. 

He didn't want to die in a situation of being unable to do anything like his grandfather. 

And fulfilling his "dream" will close his arc in Jujutsu Kaisen very well and smoothly.

Killing Itadori Brings A Unique End

Presenting the ending story where Itadori, the main protagonist, dies in the story gives its own uniqueness to the series. 

We have to admit that the figure of Yuji Itadori has become an icon for the series. 

Many characters also salute and have great respect for Yuji. 

However, again, considering that the storyline in the beginning itself had already provided clues about Yuji's death, it would make sense if he did die at the end of the story.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Itadori Fate

This plot will give its own uniqueness to the series. 

While many shonen genre series don't dare to close the story with the death of the main protagonist, Jujutsu Kaisen may be able to make a difference. 

Once we see how his character does what he can to fulfill his grandfather's last wish, Itadori's death will not only be remembered by many. 

However, it also has a huge impact.

Before his death, his grandfather asked Itadori two things. 

First, do everything in his power to help as many people as possible. 

Second, Yuji had to die around people who cared about him. 

This is what then motivates Yuji so far and seeing Itadori succeed in realizing his grandfather's two wishes would certainly be the perfect ending for Jujutsu Kaisen.

Itadori's destiny is to die

Apart from killing Itadori's figure will be a unique ending, actually since the beginning of the series Itadori had to die. 

As in the above sentence, Itadori's destiny was locked after he ate one of Sukuna's fingers.

Based on the information, like it or not, Yuji had to eat the rest of the finger. 

After that, Itadori had to die for being the vessel of Sukuna.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Itadori Fate

In addition, eliminating Itadori was the only way to stop Sukuna once and for all. 

Based on that, despite everything, Itadori should have died. 

Even though Itadori could be resurrected, Itadori's death was undeniable. 

But with the death of many jujutsu clans, Itador's fate might be different.

Will he survive the death sentence and survive? 

We'll see the truth soon!


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