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The Story of 'Hiroyuki Nomura' Grandpa Otaku Who Lives With 17 Anime Dolls




Many of us as children dreamed of living with characters from our favorite anime, books, movies or manga, so that we could have fun and live a wonderful life with them.

However, with age this desire slowly began to disappear, and this was not the case for Hiroyuki Nomura. 

Hiroyuki Nomura is a person who lives that dream and he's not a kid anymore, but a man in his 50's we can say Otaku grandfather.

Hiroyuki Nomura himself has always identified himself as an Otaku, because of a very strong love for Anime, Manga, or video games in Japan. 

Currently, his life is still very normal, but this Otaku Grandpa doesn't live with siblings or lovers, but lives alone with 17 different dolls.

Hiroyuki Nomura

These dolls have similar appearances to Hiroyuki's favorite Anime/Manga series and they live with him in a small apartment in Tokyo. 

When you step into her apartment, you'll think that this is no different than a doll house.

It is known, before starting this collection of 17 dolls, Hiroyuki's hobby was collecting motorcycles, along with his profession as a glass door cleaner. 

According to Hiroyuki, he felt his life at that time was boring, instead often talking to dolls at home, and that made him feel much happier.

Hiroyuki also describes his relationship with these 17 dolls, whom he thinks are neither their boyfriend nor their father, but these dolls as “special people” in his life, and having many popular Anime characters in his house makes Hiroyuki feel like a manager of a Japanese idol group superstar.

In Japan, terms like “herbivore”, “single” are often used to describe men like Hiroyuki, with the general trait that they have no intention of falling in love, marrying, and spending time in a real relationship. They are also often blamed for the country's aging population.

Even though the government had tried to change the minds of these people, helping to increase the number of marriages, it might not have had much of an impact on Hiroyuki, when in his eyes were nothing but puppets.

Hiroyuki confirmed that: “There is a soul living in it. People who don't collect dolls won't understand, but they really do live. I can see it in their expressions.”

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