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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260: Demon vs Legends

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260: Demon vs Legends

Taiju is up against Benkei and wakasa!

The battle between former Black Dragon members begins!

Preview Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259

Before the battle begins, Mitsuya went to meet Taiju and ask him to join the battle.

At first, Taiju was going to refuse him because he will not gain any benefits from the upcoming battle.

But what Mitsuya said next is the one that make Taiju interested to coming.

Because in the upcoming battle, he will witness the battle between Takemichi and Mikey.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260: Demon vs Legends

Taiju felt its interesting to know how a weak delinquent like Takemichi able to defeat the almighty Sano Manjiro.

Aside from it, Taiju also felt indebted to Takemichi.

Because his family was saved due to Takemichi's influence in the Christmas battle.

That's why this time, it's his time to help Takemichi to beat Mikey.

Together with Takemichi, Taiju went on rampage.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260: Demon vs Legends

He beat countless of Kantou Manji members to open a path for Takemichi.

But Taiju's step was halted by Wakasa and Benkei.

These two legends in delinquent world will face Taiju to stop his way to Mikey.

The battle between Demon and Legends begins!

Spoiler Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260

Taiju vs Wakasa vs Benkei

The upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers will be dominated by the battle between three former Black Dragon members.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260: Demon vs Legends

Wakasa and Benkei is the legendary character in Tokyo Revengers Univers.

They are two of the founding members of Black Dragon and they are also known as the strongest duo in Tokyo.

However, Taiju Shiba also famous as the cruelest and strongest Black Dragon Leader.

He was the 10th leader of Black Dragon and he led his former team like a militer.

No wonder, in his days as the leader, Black Dragon was known as the strongest gang in Tokyo.

And now, we are gonna witness the intense fight between this Demon and Legends.

Based on the latest chapter, the battle will take the entire chapter 260 but similar to other battles in the final arc, the fights only covered only a small area and the rest is the discussion between these three person.

But maybe in this battle, we will know the true reason why Wakasa and Benkei betrayed Senju and joined Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260 Release Date

The newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers will be released on Wednesday, 6 July 2022 on Weekly Shounen Jump Official Website.

The English translation for this new chapter will also be released on the same day but delayed a few hours.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 260

Sadly, there is no official translation website that has released the newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers.

But you can buy the official chapter of this manga on website.

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