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Jujutsu Kaisen 190: Kashimo Hajime and His Chemical Reaction Attack


Kashimo Hajime

Utilizing Chlorine Gas from Electrolysis Reaction

Kashimo Hajime, a battle-crazed shaman must face a formidable opponent before continuing his quest to meet Sukuna.

He meets a very powerful modern shaman, the shaman is Kinji Hakari, his curse technique is very unique, namely a gambling-based curse technique with an effect that can make him immortal for several minutes.

I don't mean to be exaggerating but in fact Hakari is still alive despite receiving so many fatal attacks from Kashimo, and even in the last attack he was still able to survive even though his stomach was crushed.

As if complementing his curse technique, Hakari has the mentality of a gambler so strong, he confidently risks anything to gamble. Besides that, his luck is also very extraordinary.

On the other hand, Kashimo can't be underestimated either, apart from his deadly electric attack, another thing that makes Kashimo a tough opponent is his analytical skills.

Many times we have seen Kashimo's analysis is so accurate, he is able to analyze his opponent calmly and determine what plans he can use.

In chapter 189 we are again shown Kashimo's extraordinary analytical skills, he can turn things around so easily.

At that time, Hakari managed to make Kashimo fall into the sea, in that condition Kashimo was very disadvantaged because his curse energy could continue to spread until it was exhausted.

But Kashimo calmly analyzes the situation and makes a great plan, the water which is his weakness he turns into a deadly weapon and even makes Hakari almost die at that time.


By utilizing seawater and the electrical energy he has, Kashimo makes an electrolysis reaction which will produce chlorine gas which is very toxic to humans.

It didn't take long for Hakari to be directly exposed to the toxic effects of the chlorine gas, but he was immediately able to heal himself when he fell into the water.

For now, they are both in a disadvantageous position, Hakari's immune time is 5 seconds left and he can't issue his domain expansion because of the electricity around her.

Meanwhile Kashimo also couldn't continue the fight any longer because his cursed energy continued to spread non-stop.

The chlorine gas attack from Kashimo really changed things, at least Hakari was now also in the water and was both at a disadvantage.

According to my prediction, the end of their fight will be revealed in the next chapter which is chapter 190, so let's wait together.

Paman Radon
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