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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 259: Unexpected Appearance

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 259: Unexpected Appearance

Taiju Shiba coming to help!

Sanzu is out already!

Preview Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258

The train has stopped.

Kakucho succeded in saving all Toman gen 2 lives in exchange of his own.

Eventhough this is his own choice, but Takemichi still regretting that he could not save his childhood friend's life.

But the battle still continuous without time to regret.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258

While Takemichi still mourning Kakucho's death, the enraged Sanzu came with his long Katana and tried to stab Takemichi.

Toman second generation are panicked seeing his leader in that position.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 259: Unexpected Appearance
But before Sanzu's blade touch Takemichi, a loud roar shocked the entire ground.

A crazy and powerful deliquent in Tokyo is coming to rescue Takemichi!

With a single jump, he sent his motorcycle to crush Sanzu.

Sanzu is getting hit with the big motorcycle and knocked out.

Lady Luck still shining on Toman gen 2.

With this man alone, winning the battle is not a dream anymore.

Spoiler Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259

Taiju Shiba coming!

In a critical situation, Taiju Shiba came with a bang and shocked everyone.

With single blow, Taiju able to save Takemichi and knocked Sanzu out!

This ex leader of Black Dragon is known as the most powerful character in Tokyo Revenges.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 259: Unexpected Appearance

Actually, Taiju involvement in this battle already hinted by the mangaka himself for several times.

While the fans are curious about the truth of the hint, Tokyo Revengers latest chapter gave every fans a big shocked.

At this point, the probability of Toman to win this battle is higher than before.

Especially after Sanzu has defeated, and the rest of Kantou Manji members exhausted already.

Taiju could defeat them easily.

Maybe the most challenging opponent for Taiju is Mikey.

But, what will Taiju do after this?

We'll see the truth soon in Tokyo Revengers Manga!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 Release Date

The newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers will be released on Wednesday, June 29th 2022 on Weekly Shounen Jump Official Website.

The English translation for this new chapter will also be released on the same day but delayed a few hours.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 259

Sadly, there is no official translation website that has released the newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers.

But you can buy the official chapter of this manga in website.

For those who want to know more about Taiju Shiba, you could click the link below!

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