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Jujutsu Kaisen 189: The Strategic Battle of the Modern Shaman and the Old Generation

Kinji Hakari vs Kashimo Hajime

 It's not just an ordinary fight, but also a strategy competition and analyzing each other

After activating the domain expansion in the previous chapter, Kinji Hakari managed to get the jackpot again easily.

And the cycle where Hakari becomes impossible to kill is repeated, once again Kashimo has to face Hakari in this state for 4 minutes 11 seconds.

But as Kashimo said in the previous chapter, he was determined to kill Hakari even though he was in an impossible condition to kill.

From here the battle turned more serious, the strategies of each person began to collide at this point. Apart from Kashimo, Hakari also conducted an in-depth analysis of the techniques used by Kashimo.

Even though Hakari looks like a person who rarely uses his brain to think, but in this chapter 188 we are told that Hakari is not that kind of person.

When Kashimo began to launch multiple attacks on his head and nearly killed Hakari because of the electric attack technique, Hakari began to change his fighting style.

Kashimo intended to destroy Hakari's head with his electric attack because Kashimo knew that the reverse cursed technique would not work if the user's head was crushed.

Kashimo's fatal attack was successfully avoided by Hakari cleverly, then after that Hakari intended to find out the mechanism of the technique because the technique almost killed him earlier.

Hakari immediately moved faster and made a heavy attack at Kashimo, Hakari knew there must be a certain trick in using the technique because Kashimo didn't always bring it out in battle.

On the other hand Kashimo also started to move on to the next plan, he started to count backwards and took out his electric technique again, he made an electric attack line from himself to his staff which was stuck far from the two of them.

Before Hakari managed to find the electric attack mechanism from Kashimo, he received a fatal attack right after his theme song stopped, so he couldn't heal himself from the fatal attack.

Kinji Hakari

But unexpectedly, in his condition Hakari was still able to issue his domain expansion again. From here the outcome of the fight is really difficult to predict.

From here I have some predictions, firstly, Kashimo will completely attack Hakari when it enters the domain expansion.

Kashimo already knows that he can attack Hakari while in the expansion domain, so if Kashimo really intends to kill Hakari at this point, this is a good time.

The second possibility, Hakari issued another unique technique where the technique could save his life and turn the tide of the fight.

Until now, Hakari's domain expansion is still mysterious and of course very complicated, so most likely there are many other techniques or tricks that Hakari can use when in domain expansion.

Instead of worrying about it, let's just wait for chapter 189 which will be released in a few days.

Paman Radon
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