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Manga About Real Heroes, My Home Hero gets Anime Adaptation


My Home Hero

Are there real heroes in this world? I think heroes do exist and usually these heroes are very close to you.

It's not those who have super powers, the real heroes don't need it all, what they need is just a strong determination to protect those they love.

In the My Home Hero manga this is really well described, this manga tells the story of a father who protects his daughter from terrible things.

For those of you who still don't know this manga, here is a brief synopsis:

Tetsuo Tosu, an ordinary employee, discovers his daughter, Reika, has been physically abused by her boyfriend, Matori Nobuto. 

Trying to learn more about his daughter's boyfriend, Tetsuo uncovers Matori's rotten schemes to extort money from Reika's rich grandparents. 

However, Tetsuo also learns something else about Matori that he is a member of a crime syndicate, with a history of killing his ex-girlfriends.

Filled with anger and fear at the thought of Reika being in danger, Tetsuo finally kills Matori Nabuto, who is assisted by his wife, Kasen, and they also dispose of his body. 

Now, as the syndicate members begin to question Nobuto's sudden disappearance, Tetsuo and Kasen must work together to ensure their daughter's safety and prevent her from getting into further trouble.

My home hero

Yamakawa as the writer and Asaki as the illustrator began serializing this crime drama manga in Weekly Young Magazine in May 2017. The manga went on hiatus last October after the second part ended.

The third chapter begins in the 29th issue of Weekly Young Magazine, which takes the story seven years into the future, after the incident of the second part. 

Kodansha published the 17th volume on February 4. My Home Hero has a cumulative 2 million volume copies in circulation.

In the new visual (pictured above), the main protagonist of the series, Tetsuo Tosu, is seen wearing his suit, looking like he is getting ready to go to the office.

The visuals fit perfectly with the series' theme, which is about an employee who finds himself in unreasonable trouble.

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