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Jujutsu Kaisen 190: Battle in the Ocean


Kashimo Hajime vs Kinji Hakari

An Unfavorable Battleground for Both of Them

In the chapter that just aired, the place of their fight is still the same, which is somewhere in Tokyo. At that time Hakari managed to reactivate his domain expansion.

In his dying condition Hakari managed to activate his domain expansion and immediately fainted after that. Seeing this, Kashimo was silent and thought that Hakari had lost.

Kashimo realized that the domain expansion this time was different, the slot machine spins were much faster than before which meant the process of reaching the jackpot was much faster.

Even so the chances of Hakari hitting the jackpot were very slim, Kashimo thought that way and let Hakari fall helplessly in front of him.

But unexpectedly, Hakari got the jackpot and managed to get back up again with a serious stomach wound that had healed again.

Then this is where the interesting part happens, right before ending the domain expansion he shifts the coordinates of the domain expansion to the sea area.

Hakari deliberately did this because he already knew the mechanics of the electrical technique used by Kashimo. Due to the nature of Kashimo's curse energy, which is like electricity, the energy absorbed will also spread to water considering that water is a good conductor of electricity.

And if that happens, Kashimo will run out of curse energy and of course this can make Kashimo suffer a crushing defeat.

But who would have thought that Kashimo could reverse this situation by utilizing the electrolysis reaction between his electricity and seawater, from that reaction he produced chlorine gas that could be used to poison Hakari.

Hakari managed to get poisoned and fell into the sea, but just as he plunged into the sea he managed to heal himself from the poison. Now they both face each other in the water.

Kashimo Hajime

Hakari's immune time is only 5 seconds, he also can't activate his domain expansion because the water around him has been electrified. On the other hand Kashimo also couldn't fight any longer because his curse energy continued to drain.

Chapter 189 ends with a big explosion in the water, most likely in chapter 190 their battle area will still be in the sea then the end of the fight also seems to be revealed in the next chapter.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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