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Jujutsu Kaisen 190: Hakari the Gambling Lord


Kinji Hakari

The Gambling Lord with Luck and High Faith

Yesterday's chapter 188 ended with a hangover where Hakari reopened his domain expansion in a very pathetic condition.

Shortly after he managed to open the domain expansion, Hakari immediately collapsed in front of Kashimo and this is where Kashimo made the biggest mistake, he didn't kill Hakari right away.

For a few seconds Hakari was unconscious and Kashimo just stood there, thinking that what Hakari was doing was pointless.

Kashimo knows that the domain expansion is different this time, the engine spins faster, even so Kashimo is sure that Hakari will not get the jackpot because the probability of getting the jackpot is only 1/239.

But it was wrong, the gambler hit the jackpot again and immediately got up with all his wounds healed. In the domain expansion, it turns out that not only the machine spins faster but also increases the probability of getting the jackpot.

And again, Kashimo had to face Hakari in his invulnerable mode for 4 minutes 11 seconds, but now the situation was different, Hakari already knew the mechanics of Kashimo's electric technique.

Kashimo's curse energy is like electricity, if he uses it it will spread throughout his body, therefore Hakari intends to throw Kashimo into the sea.

After that Hakari moved the coordinates of the domain expansion to the sea area, here Kashimo began to realize Hakari's intention to throw him into the sea so that his cursed energy would spread continuously because of the water.

To avoid that Kashimo could stop the flow of his cursed energy by not using it in battle, but that was a very difficult thing because Hakari was moving more aggressively than before.

In the end Hakari managed to kick Kashimo into the sea and made his cursed energy spread endlessly. 

Kashimo Hajime

But unexpectedly, Kashimo uses his electrical energy to carry out an electrolysis reaction and produce chlorine gas to poison Hakari.

The second way to overcome the reverse cursed technique is to poison the user, poison will be very difficult to cure with the reverse cursed technique because it is more complicated than ordinary wounds.

But unexpectedly, Hakari's reverse cursed technique was more than that. Even with poison, it would soon heal, now the two of them were fighting each other in the water.

Hakari's immune time was only 5 seconds away, now the two of them were really cornered. Hakari can't activate his domain expansion anymore because of the electricity around him, then Kashimo can't use his cursed energy for long because the water continues to spread his energy.

The chapter ended with a big explosion in the water, I think the next chapter will really be the end of their fight.

Will Hakari the gambling lord still have the luck to win this battle, or will Kashimo win? we'll see what happens in chapter 190

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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