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Jujutsu Kaisen 188: Severely Injured Hakari


Hakari vs Kashimo

The Fighting Strategy of Kashimo Hajime

The battle continues, now Hakari has managed to open his Domain Expansion once again and of course he is trying to get another Jackpot.

As is well known, when entering Hakari's domain his opponents will immediately receive an explanation of how the domain works.

In this case, Kashimo did not waste his opportunity to understand how the domain works until in the end he got some conclusions from Hakari's domain expansion.

Kashimo knows the time when Kashimo is not impossible to kill, that time is when he is trying to get the jackpot back or in short the time after his theme song has finished playing.

Hakari is so adept at using his domain expansion that he manages to hit the jackpot again and make it impossible to kill for 4 minutes 11 seconds.

And that's when Kashimo's plan began to be carried out, he was determined to kill Hakari even though he was in a time where he was impossible to kill.

Kashimo Hajime

From that situation, I thought of some predictions about Kashimo's plan to defeat Hakari. The thing that makes Hakari difficult to beat is not her infinite curse energy but the reverse curse technique that can automatically activate.

As long as the technique existed, Hakari would be very difficult to kill. As you know, this technique also saved Gojo Satoru from his death against Toji.

And you will remember, Gojo once said that if he was beheaded he would lose. So most likely the reverse curse technique will not be activated if the user's head is cut off.

Therefore, Kashimo could have beheaded Hakari using his electric technique, besides that there is also another way to defeat Hakari, namely by attacking him head-on right after his theme song stops.

This crushing attack must be carried out correctly if it misses or the timing is not right then it will actually give a big loss.

Despite all the possibilities that could happen in the next chapter, I'm 100% sure that in the next chapter you can see the winner of this battle, because I think it would be strange if this battle lasted so long that it took up several chapters.

Although I'm very sure but it's all just my predictions and of course the predictions are not always correct.

Paman Radon
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